MAC cosmetics Archie Comics line asks, "Are you a Betty or a Veronica?"


51 Responses to “MAC cosmetics Archie Comics line asks, "Are you a Betty or a Veronica?"”

  1. Haha wasn’t this same concept a rejected Sterling Cooper campaign? It was tired in fictional 1960-something.

  2. Benjamin Palmer says:

    I feel like this came from a Mad Men episode. (They actually did Jackie or Marilyn, but yea, it was this)

  3. jandrese says:

    Bad news Betty and Veronica, that is the gayest Archie ever.  He’s so gay he has sculpted his hair to look like a muff. 

  4. Scott Elyard says:

    Well, I’m more of a Jughead anyway.

  5. MaximumOvertroll says:

    I’m Jughead.

  6. Ito Kagehisa says:

    That’s not Betty and Veronica from Archie Comics!

    It’s Betty Page and Dyanne Thorne.

  7. wysinwyg says:

    I’m a Betty.

    Wait, guys can answer too, right?

  8. tomservojr says:

    MAC Cosmetics doesn’t ask that question—the Racked post (and source Fashion post) does. Unless we’re just outraged on the assumption that they’re asking.

  9. Ramone says:

    It’s worth looking at the actual products which use the comic art quite well. But yeah, those models are straight outta Vampire Diaries.

  10. Matthew Schmeer says:

    What, no Miss Grundy option? Really?

  11. Michael A says:

    Um. Its a collection based around the makeup style worn by the characters? Not the character’s/user’s personality/gendertype itself. What exactly is the problem?

    If a football manufacturer marketed a football that was better for one style of throwing technique, and another ball better at a different technique, is that saying all throwers of footballs (typically male as they may be) MUST fall into one of these categories? Or that these balls could be purchased by those who happen to throw in such a style, to enable better throws?

    • Peter Bailey says:

      Indeed. What’s more — a lot of women like to look (traditionally and conventionally) pretty and wear make-up to do so. A lot of them are blonde or brunette. A lot of them have fond memories of old comics.

      It’s possible to enjoy traditional gender roles and existing archetypes of female beauty without forcing them on others.

  12. V says:

    The correct either/or question will always be ‘Ginger or Mary Ann’

  13. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Weren’t Betty and Veronica supposed to be different?

    • daev says:

      I was thinking the same same thing, the image misses the whole good girl/bad girl vibe and instead says “Fuck it. Let’s have a threesome.”

  14. Dean Putney says:

    They forgot Cheryl Blossom! Life isn’t so simple that you can just leave out the third option.

  15. Sara says:

    Penny Century would’ve frightened the poor lad to death, but not before Maggie and Hopey got Doyle and Mike to kick his ass.

  16. marilove says:

    Ah, yes, the Virgin-or-Whore?! thing. HOW ORIGINAL!

    • L_Mariachi says:

      You’re criticizing a dynamic between teenagers in a 70+ year old children’s comic book series for not having a nuanced portrayal of the various modalities of real-world adult relationships?

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        I’m not sure that asking for a better approximation than virgin or whore really constitutes a demand for nuance.

      • marilove says:

        Um. No… I was criticizing a 2013 MAC advertisement that is using a 70+ year old comic that no one reads any more to utilize the overused virgin/whore trope.

        I mean … dude.

  17. pjcamp says:

    Ok, Archie did not bling it up. Specially not with 4 earrings.

  18. Jake0748 says:

    Yeah. As a geek kid who actually sometimes read  Archie comic books – this has absolutely nothing to do with that. 

  19. BarBarSeven says:

    Betty cannot be a skank. Betty cannot be a skank. Betty cannot be a skank. Betty cannot be a skank. Betty cannot be a skank. Betty cannot be a skank. Betty cannot be a skank. Betty cannot be a skank. Betty cannot be a skank. Betty cannot be a skank. Betty cannot be a skank. Betty cannot be a skank. Betty cannot be a skank. Betty cannot be a skank. Betty cannot be a skank. Betty cannot be a skank. 

  20. Ray Hall says:

    Stolen from a Mad Men episode!!

  21. redesigned says:

    What about Midge and Ethel?

  22. Daemonworks says:

    Totally a Betty.
    Which is odd, as I’m a straight, cisgender male. Go figure.

  23. Angela Stanbrough says:

    Well, to be fair, Mac also has a Wonder Woman line coming out.

  24. CLamb says:

    No products for Archie?

  25. Adam Goetz says:

    dont worry Xeni, we are the change we want to create. we’ll get there but knowing the pit holes facing us is necessary so we can fill them and move on. no sighing needed but totally understood.

  26. I can almost smell stale cigarettes and cheap perfume through that picture.

  27. cdh1971 says:

    I’ll take the adorable Archie lookalike. I’m sure he’s about as into those two frau…cough…leins as I am.

  28. numbskull says:

    “We’ve been challenged by our fan base to give them wholesome entertainment and to make sure when kids go looking on the Net to find wholesome entertainment at our trademarks, they find it,”- Chuck Grimes, the 1999 vice president of business affairs for the company that owned the Archie brand

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