Punk Voyager: when the punks launched their own space-probe

"Punk Voyager" is this week's story on the Escape Pod podcast, and it is fucking amazing. It's Shaenon Garrity story about punks at the twilight of the 1970s who are drunkenly outraged to discover that the Voyager probe has been launched with classical music records for aliens. They build their own Voyager probe out of garbage, razor-blades, beer cans and a surfboard some douchebag left on the beach, filled with all the most important human artifacts that they can find in their van. They forget about it as the 80s roar in, and then the aliens come to Earth and cockpunch Ronald Reagan.

Fuck yeah.

Punk Voyager was built by punks. They made it from beer cans, razors, safety pins, and a surfboard some D-bag had left on the beach. Also plutonium. Where did they get plutonium? Around. Fuck you.

The punks who built Punk Voyager were Johnny Bonesaw, Johnny Razor, Mexican Johnny D-bag, Red Viscera, and some other guys. No, asshole, nobody remembers what other guys. They were Fucking wasted, these punks. They’d been drinking on the San Diego beach all day and night, talking about making a run to Tijuana and then forgetting and punching each other. They’d built a fire on the beach, and all night the fire went up and went down while the punks threw beer cans at the seagulls.

Forget the shit I just said, it wasn’t the punks who did it. They were Fucking punks. The hell they know about astro-engineering? Truth is that Punk Voyager was the strung-out masterpiece of Mexican Johnny D-bag’s girlfriend, Lacuna, who had a doctorate in structural engineering. Before she burned out and ran for the coast, Lacuna was named Alice McGuire and built secret nuclear submarines for a government contractor in Ohio. It sucked. But that was where she got the skills to construct an unmanned deep-space probe. Same principle, right? Keep the radiation in and the water out. Or the vacuum of space, whatever, it’s all the same shit to an engineer.

Fuck that, it wasn’t really Lacuna’s baby. It wasn’t her idea. The idea was Red’s.

“Fucking space,” he said that fateful night. He was lying on his back looking up at space, is why he said it.

“Hell yeah,” said Johnny Bonesaw.

Punk Voyager


  1. and then the aliens come to Earth and cockpunch Ronald Reagan.


    How I WISH that’d happened! 


  2. And Glenn “Johnny Red” Gold was right there with ’em. Cause fuck! Puck music and atonal shit are the same shit. Right? Fuckin’ right! And that’s the true shit about how “Johnny Red” Gold (nee Gould) got the gold discus on both Voyagers.

  3. Damnit i was hoping this was a book, or comic…. or, hope against hope, a cartoon.

    Becase c’mon. punk voyager would make an awesome saterday morning cartoon.

  4. What the fuck? Some asshole has censored the ENTIRE fucking page. Which idiot thought it was OK to replace ‘fuck’ with a load of asterisk shit?  Dickheads. Fuck me ragged, this stupid planet…

  5. This is great. Good to see Shaenon Garrity featured here too – everyone should go read Narbonic (narbonic.com), her now-completed webcomic about mad science and madder romance.

  6. I listened to this earlier this week and I have to say it was one of the best EP’s I’ve heard in a long time. Loved it.

  7. So glad you liked it, Cory! That was one of my favorites, especially once Nancy gets involved with the story. – Mur

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