Rapture of the Nerds, the UK cover

How awesome is this cover for the forthcoming UK edition of Rapture of the Nerds?

Way, way awesome.


4 Responses to “Rapture of the Nerds, the UK cover”

  1. That is 1000X better than the American version! I also love the sly visual allusion to ’80s videogames inherent in the font choice. :)

  2. NelC says:

    I don’t understand. Where’s the half-naked female protagonist with a ray-gun, showing her cleavage and her butt at the same time?

  3. Dan Morrison says:

    I really hope you didn’t miss the chance to put a hidden message in there. Preferably a prediction of the future that can be read to be true by anyone in a decades time…
    “Moloch is dead with his fiery breath”

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