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18 Responses to “The secret to feeling like you have more time available”

  1. robotnik says:


  2. mappo says:

    The secret is: stop reading blogs and get back to work!

  3. housekeeper2013 says:

    The secret to young Melanie Rudd’s having more time would be for her to get Michelle Obama bangs, so she would stop flipping her head to get tendrils of hair off her face.

    • Work_Watch_Buy_Repeat says:

      “Thanks for sharing your insightful and potentially life-changing research.  Now here’s a condescending grooming tip.”

      I liked the video.  I liked the message.  But the comments: not a good source of awe.

  4. Stanford.  Back in my day at Berkeley, we just explained this to each other via the gift of acid.

  5. Diederik Werken says:

    Sorry, but I found this video to be so boring it almost made time come to a halt.

  6. technogeekagain says:

    Having pets increases my sense of awwww…..

  7. Dennis Keen says:

    Sorry all I could notice was the bang-tossing head-twitch, over and over

  8. angusm says:

    What is this ‘awe’, and where can I buy some?

  9. sfnate says:

    The commodification of awe is… awful.

  10. So the secret is to go to Boing Boing and search on “banana”?

  11. solstice2005 says:

    Mark obviously has time on his hand that he does not know what to do with!

  12. Rindan says:

    Um.  Okay. I’ll just go out there and find me some awe.  Thanks for the advice.   ಠ_ಠ

  13. Derek Graf says:

    Well, that was a waste of TIME