John Brownlee tells the story of "a photograph of Steve Jobs so incredible, so deserved of being considered iconic, that you simply can’t believe that no one has ever even heard of it."

10 Responses to “A bizarre Steve Jobs "Groucho" photo and the story behind it”

  1. keith mccann says:

    Odd composition. Rosetta Stone…?

    • oasisob1 says:

      Yeah, ‘sitting in front of the Rosetta Stone’, as if the one in the British Museum was merely a replica. California.

      • Beanolini says:

        Dude, the Rosetta Stone was the first tablet computer. Think about it.

        (Because a tablet computer should weigh a ton and a half? Should be erected by regal decree?)

        • peregrinus says:

          Sure beats Siri.  Doesn’t have to refer to a massive online database.  And you can actually feel the characters.  Way, way ahead of its time.

      • brownlee says:

        As the guy who actually wrote the article, I can tell you that it’s made abundantly clear that it’s a replica. 

    • Cowicide says:

      Odd composition. Rosetta Stone…?

      Sigh…  RTFA.

  2. TheKaz1969 says:

    I like it. Makes him seem like a little kid, both in body and spirit…

  3. d4l3d says:

    Next up, Woz does Dangerfield.

  4. Just_Ok says:

    THAT’s where he got the idea for rounded corners.

  5. KaleoK says:

    This is old news! Seen that photo before.

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