A bizarre Steve Jobs "Groucho" photo and the story behind it


10 Responses to “A bizarre Steve Jobs "Groucho" photo and the story behind it”

  1. keith mccann says:

    Odd composition. Rosetta Stone…?

    • oasisob1 says:

      Yeah, ‘sitting in front of the Rosetta Stone’, as if the one in the British Museum was merely a replica. California.

      • Beanolini says:

        Dude, the Rosetta Stone was the first tablet computer. Think about it.

        (Because a tablet computer should weigh a ton and a half? Should be erected by regal decree?)

        • peregrinus says:

          Sure beats Siri.  Doesn’t have to refer to a massive online database.  And you can actually feel the characters.  Way, way ahead of its time.

      • brownlee says:

        As the guy who actually wrote the article, I can tell you that it’s made abundantly clear that it’s a replica. 

    • Cowicide says:

      Odd composition. Rosetta Stone…?

      Sigh…  RTFA.

  2. TheKaz1969 says:

    I like it. Makes him seem like a little kid, both in body and spirit…

  3. d4l3d says:

    Next up, Woz does Dangerfield.

  4. Just_Ok says:

    THAT’s where he got the idea for rounded corners.

  5. KaleoK says:

    This is old news! Seen that photo before.

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