The Tweets of Rupert Murdoch, as letterpress greeting cards


6 Responses to “The Tweets of Rupert Murdoch, as letterpress greeting cards”

  1. Cowicide says:

    Power and money?  Who?  Me?

  2. Marko Raos says:

    a surrealist masterpiece

  3. toyg says:

    I’ve always found Murdoch’s tweets a masterpiece in themselves. The ambiguity is so multi-folded (is it really him? does he really believe what he says? is he taking the piss or is he serious? is he any of these things at all times? if not, how do you tell when he’s deadpanning and when he’s not? etc), it’s like a multidimensional snowflake of artistic beauty. I mean, the guy is clearly either a complete genius, or a lunatic gerontocrat who’s lost all sense of reality and/or decency; in both cases, he cannot be real.

    • C W says:

      Regardless of intention, he expects you to take them as sincere.

      “who’s lost all sense of reality and/or decency”

      Well, surrounding yourself with yes-persons will do this.

  4. jaystrab says:

    Are people actually going to buy these?

  5. istweetwastweet says:

    hell yes people are buying these!  i bought a pack a few months back.  They are like antidepressants – so freaking funny & genius. Letterpress + Tweets + Murdoch = HAHAHAHA awesome. 

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