The Tweets of Rupert Murdoch, as letterpress greeting cards

Artist Michelle Vaughan's “100 Tweets” is a hand typeset letterpress project printed at The Arm in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

For “100 Tweets”, I spent months combing my Twitter feed in search of 100 comments which fit into the vision of the project as a whole. Because Twitter allows 140 characters, building a template for typesetting was a straight forward procedure. In the beginning, I collected snarky, throw-away tweets mostly centered on banal and mundane comments. This eventually evolved into a more personal project, as I looked for tweets which mirrored my own opinions and thoughts, but were well-executed by the author. “100 Tweets” also records pockets of time and history in short observations.

The process was laborious but satisfying.

Her first series of five 5x7 greeting cards were tweets by Rupert Murdoch from early 2012.

"The typeface is Perpetua and they are printed with various shades of Pantone reds and pinks on Italian Magnani stock."

They'll be available starting in February, 2013. (via @felixsalmon)


  1. I’ve always found Murdoch’s tweets a masterpiece in themselves. The ambiguity is so multi-folded (is it really him? does he really believe what he says? is he taking the piss or is he serious? is he any of these things at all times? if not, how do you tell when he’s deadpanning and when he’s not? etc), it’s like a multidimensional snowflake of artistic beauty. I mean, the guy is clearly either a complete genius, or a lunatic gerontocrat who’s lost all sense of reality and/or decency; in both cases, he cannot be real.

    1. Regardless of intention, he expects you to take them as sincere.

      “who’s lost all sense of reality and/or decency”

      Well, surrounding yourself with yes-persons will do this.

  2. hell yes people are buying these!  i bought a pack a few months back.  They are like antidepressants – so freaking funny & genius. Letterpress + Tweets + Murdoch = HAHAHAHA awesome. 

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