What would happen if an unstoppable force met an immoveable object?

Minute Physics tackles the greatest mystery in all the Internet and solves it with the power of science (and pedantry).


  1. The video was a purely physical approach to the problem.  But it’s not just a physical question, it’s a logical one: what happens when two contradictory definitions are both true at the same time?

    Well, let’s see what happens when we assume two contradictory premisses, one the negation of the other:
    A & not A (contradiction!)
    So A,
    So A or B (where B can be anything at all, and ‘or’ is inclusive, i.e., if both A and B are true, then A or B is also true),
    But not A, 
    So B (because if one half of an ‘or’ is false, the other half must be true to make the ‘or’ true.)

    So the logical answer to the question is anything can happen. If you live in a universe where two absolute but contradictory definitions are both true, your universe is so screwed up that causality is completely out to lunch.

  2. Remember that smart ass in high school who would go on semantic diatribes to prove how smart he was, but everyone knew he was missing the entire point?  

    This video.

    This stupid, stupid video.

  3.  I totally agree. It feels like the guy in this video was trying to be one of those fancy new hip vid bloggers who can memorize a script really well and emote as though it is the first time. Honestly, I lost track of what he was saying because IT WAS BORING. You know what I think about when I think about this phrase? Heath Ledger swinging upside down from a cable while doing some of the best acting ever acted.

    Not this. Not even close to this.

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