Aaron Swartz's San Francisco memorial will make you stand up and salute

The video from Aaron Swartz's memorial in San Francisco isn't the kind of thing you weep over. It's the kind of thing you stand up and salute. Aaron's friends stood up, and, one after another, demanded that his memory be honored by action, by justice, by dedicating yourself to the fight. It's the best start to the week of all.

Aaron Swartz Memorial at the Internet Archive, Part 1 (January 24, 2013) (Thanks, Danny!)


  1. So I ask this in all seriousness and gravity: How do we start to change the system. How do I, as a 31-year-old living in the states, begin to change a system that most people aren’t even aware of… Any guidance would be appreciated, as I’ll gladly give my time and energy to a worthy cause. Point me in the right direction, and I’ll try to make a difference. 

    1. Check out EFF.org, familiarise yourself with the issues. use your skills knowledge and education to help explain these issues in a way that people around you can easily understand. Next time the shit goes down, congress tries to pass the next SOPA, some hacker is getting f**ked over, start writing, e-mail, hand written letters, phone calls, to representatives explaining the situation and asking for an urgent reply, input and dialogue, then firmly follow up. If a government department requests papers for recommendations for reforms to areas of law, make a submission from the perspective of a civic minded citizen (this is unusual as most submissions are made by paid lobbyists) Basically participate in society on different levels. We all need to learn to be protesters, lobbyists, activists, legal annalists and policy makers. we have to do the jobs of our politicians for them, because they are lazy and rely on lobbyists to write their amendments for them. (I tore ACTA to shreds from my own perspective as an engineer, had a european MEP quote some of my analysis, during the discussion in parliament).

      We also need to be prepared, in the event of a disaster like 9-11, we all need a defence prepared against the introduction of unjust laws during the confusion, such as the patriot act. Likewise, when something like a huge data breech occurs, or privacy scandal (like instagram) we need common sense laws pre-written and ready, so we can shove them into our politicians mouths and demand immediate action.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I’ll not forget this for a long, long time,
    Seems we got out work cut out for us, but where Aaron fell,
    many others stand ready to take his place in the fight for what’s right.

  3. Got through the first hour during lunch today. Apparently tearing up while smiling at your tablet piques other people’s interest, so I got to explain to two other grad students who Aaron was, what he did and why it matters. Will watch the rest over dinner, probably from the beginning so my partner can follow along.

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