Minibeasts and Ourselves: covers of teacher's books from 1972-1973


Beautiful cover designs for "A Unit for Teachers" books published for the Schools Council by MacDonald Educational Ltd., London, 1972-1973. "Minibeasts and Colored Things" (via The Simonsound)


  1. Everyone beat me to the Spiritualized cover, but all the same, these books look fascinating.  Minibeasts?  Time?  The “Early Experiences” robot is particularly intriguing. TELL ME MORE

    1. Apparently I’m the only one who had the same first thought. These books look incredibly fascinating. And even though they’re from the early 1970’s they seem like they’d be good teaching materials even now. 

  2. Anyone got something on the writing/education value of these? Calling a book for teachers (which is, quite possibly, on arthropods) “Minibeasts”? Given there is a entry with this term, I consider this to be widespread when talking to grammar school level kids, but: teachers? Do they need to keep the level that low?

    1. Anton van Leeuwenhoek prefers “not so wee animalcules.”

      In my humble experience, some elementary school teachers don’t know any more than is in their curriculum, when it comes to math and science. My 4th grade teacher couldn’t divide numbers with decimals, she sent me to another teacher when I asked. And we had to do project on electricity – basic circuits, nothing math-y – but do you think she knew about Ohm’s law? Not a chance.

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