Thanks, Obama! animated gifs

It's all his fault. (Thanks, Matt!, via G+)


  1. “We were going to land after we saw an episode of Red Dwarf, but then we scanned your internet and realized intelligent life really was extinct.” ~ The Aliens

    1. Is that really happening? Because that’s a Disqus thing that pops up occasionally and randomly torments commenters. THANKS DISQUS!!!

      1. Doesn’t the president run Disqus? I mean he’s the president of everything isn’t he? So…

        THANKS OBAMA!!!

        Yes. It was really happening to me – I figured it was the commenting system. I just ran with it. I do hate looking like a jackass in a (virtual) place I actually like…

        1. Some times some comments disappear for some people.  You can tell if it’s happening by changing the sort order of comments and seeing if they reappear. THANKS OBAMA!!!

  2. I have just discovered that is still available.  FUCK YEAH!!!  THANKS OBAMA!!!

  3. I saw all the red in the sample gif at the top of this post and thought it was going to be about predator drones.

    98% of those killed were bystanders? Thanks, Obama!

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