Thanks, Obama! animated gifs


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  1. EarthtoGeoff says:

    I’m not sure which started first, but is also a pretty active community turning these out regularly.

  2. rafterman says:

    I’ve already seen this on Reddit.

  3. this was blocked by my work filter as “satire that devalues lazy right-wing arguments”

  4. Gulliver says:

    “We were going to land after we saw an episode of Red Dwarf, but then we scanned your internet and realized intelligent life really was extinct.” ~ The Aliens

  5. mindysan33 says:

    This is just like every other gif-based tumblog!  THANKS OBAMA!!!

  6. mindysan33 says:

    I think my first comment is gone?  THANKS OBAMA!!!

  7. mindysan33 says:

    comments are disappearing and appearing in this thread, making me look like a jackass… THANKS OBAMA!!!

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Is that really happening? Because that’s a Disqus thing that pops up occasionally and randomly torments commenters. THANKS DISQUS!!!

      • mindysan33 says:

        Doesn’t the president run Disqus? I mean he’s the president of everything isn’t he? So…

        THANKS OBAMA!!!

        Yes. It was really happening to me – I figured it was the commenting system. I just ran with it. I do hate looking like a jackass in a (virtual) place I actually like…

  8. ScottCh says:

    When I originally posted this comment, it was far more humorous and original.  THANKS OBAMA!!!

  9. Mongrove_Moone says:

    I don’t get it. Is this funny? To whom? And how so?

  10. Antinous / Moderator says:

    I have just discovered that is still available.  FUCK YEAH!!!  THANKS OBAMA!!!

  11. Charles Céleste Hutchins says:

    I saw all the red in the sample gif at the top of this post and thought it was going to be about predator drones.

    98% of those killed were bystanders? Thanks, Obama!

  12. TheMudshark says:

    My tummy is a little upset right now after eating too much cereal for breakfast. THANKS OBAMA!

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