Guide to this year's crop of 3D printers


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  1. anonymity86 says:

    Correct link is

  2. spacedoggy says:

    Nice lineup, but still pretty general. Nice to see the reprap getting a mention considering it’s the most common 3D printer in the world, yet is often overlooked. good also to see the FORM1 included.

    What all these 3D printing compilations are really missing is a side by side lineup. out of the box, set up, calibrate, and print a bunch of test print objects.
    People need to see the outputs of these expensive machines, including the ugly f**kups.

    One of the best test prints is a 2mm thick hollow semi sphere, be cause it clearly shows the overlay capabilities of the machine because of the decreasing support as the print reaches the top. but there are many others.

  3. jimkirk says:

    Here’s a pretty good site that has news, comparisons and such about 3D printers…

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