Insanely labor-intensive Gangnam Style flipbook animation video

An incredibly labor-intensive animated flipbook version of PSY's "Gangnam Style." Such a bummer that Etoilec1, the talented creator of this stunning video, was sound-blocked by YouTube's automated IP enforcement police. Etoilec1's original video is here (and below), in higher rez, but it's stripped of sound. Subscribe to his channel or follow him on Facebook, for more flipbook fun. Above, a lower-rez copycat upload on Vimeo. (Thanks, Joe Sabia!)


  1. Pretty cool! It’d be another massive undertaking but he should really consider photographing each frame and assembling it into an animated video. I doubt any of the charm would be lost and it’d allow his talent to really shine through. Nice find, Xeni!

    1. Part of the Just Wow is the fact that he displayed it in perfect sync by flipping it with his thumb.

  2. pffft. Gangnam Style is soooo 2012. the artist should have drawn faster to have been in time for the fad.

  3. It’s always awe-inspiring to see humans who have large brain areas that are so much better developed than my own.  The human motion on this is particularly impressive.

    I don’t think this is, but another fun project would be to get some flipbooks and ‘greenscreen’ them with a known pattern and then use a computer to process an existing video (linedrawing filters, etc.) and do the mapping onto the pages.

    1. Yeesh.  Though such a project would have its virtues, all I can imagine are its vices: a whole new generation of this.

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