Kokie's: history of Brooklyn's infamous cocaine bar


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  1. lysdexia says:

    I … have wasted my life.

  2. L_Mariachi says:

    The coke wasn’t that bad. However, Kokie’s is the reason that to this day I hate the sunrise.

  3. blueandroid says:

    I used to live a few blocks from Kokie’s.  A friend told me she’d walked in on a couple of cops having a bump in the back.  They carded her, then looked the other way.  I guess you had to be 21 to buy coke.

  4. Silversalty says:

    LOL! Been there. Done that .. as the saying goes, except I didn’t do THAT. 

    Actually it was a nice place to go to if you wanted a decent time with decent music. Music was why I was there. I had an acquaintance that played the vibes in a Latin band that played there (in I guess was what the post commenter referred to as the disco room – the room behind the bar ‘room.’ 

    Anyway, the people were really friendly. Being a dork who can’t dance but can shake the butt if really drunk, I was actually patted on the back by a Latin patron for my Latin dancing (imitating a geisha doing small back and forth step walking while shaking my butt!). 

    No coke for me (that was what the line to les toilettes was for). Just booze. Coke (I should clarify – Coca Cola) was sold in what might as well have been ’50s bottles – 6 oz. Best to stick to the hard stuff – ethanol based. Probably cheaper too.

    One Williamsburger (not the burger at the Right Bank) joked that across the street was a bar called Crackies.

    The beloved and sorely missed Right Bank - 

    Rocky and his friend (“Kat”)

  5. E A says:

    Ugh, Vice. The try-hardiest of the try hards. Always attempts to be so fucking edgy. Drugs! Sex! Faux-literariness!!

  6. Flashman says:

    My old local in Calgary, Alberta was like this, but with weed. What an awesome, friendly place the Red Onion was, so many good times there… (10th Street in Sunnyside, but unfortunately it’s gone now)

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