Models falling over


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  1. Christopher says:

    Call me crazy, but I’ve never understood the appeal of high heels. Except, of course, on those occasions when I’ve worn them.

    • Kimmo says:

      Prolly the same reason women’s feet were bound in China.

      …Harder for em to escape rapists? I bet rule #37 applies; there’d be a website somewhere.

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        Needing to function was for the poor.  Foot binding was a demonstration of wealth.

        And a lot of women wear high heels because they want to be taller.

  2. Doctor Device says:

    how very appropriate that the clothes the models wear at fashion shows are called “creations”. also, the shoes are very stupid… while at the same time being nowhere near the stupidest shoes I’ve seen…

  3. Sarahway says:

    It’s not just the shoes, it’s the shoes plus the crazy unnatural way the models are supposed to walk down the catwalk. They put one foot directly in front of the other, I believe, with their hips jutted forward — I’m surprised ANYONE can walk like that on heels without falling. 

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      I was watching an old Hercules movie (yeah, yeah, very funny) when I noticed that the evil queen was crossing over about six inches when she walked. She was walking in a wide S curve to keep her balance. If she had been in a four foot wide corridor, she would have slammed into the wall on every step.

  4. CH says:

    Related to this:

    It hurts just watching the video in the link. Some of the models have their ankles wobble just before they fall like they were made out of rubber. Ouch, ouch, ouch!!!

  5. CLamb says:

    Here is one industry which is badly under-regulated by OSHA.

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