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7 Responses to “Record made from chocolate”

  1. shawntbrothers says:

    Yo this party is hot! What kinda music is this? Wait nooooooo!!!!! The music will melt if the party gets too hot!!!!!

  2. A G says:

    Breakbot has been one of my favorite musicians for the past few months.  I was happy to have discovered his music on YouTube.  For the record:  “By Your Side” is a good album but IMHO pales in comparison to his mix-sets available on YouTube.

  3. Denis says:

    Nothing new: last year our Croatian former punk rocker, and now a respected (and successful) chocolate maker, Marinko Biskic, made a chocolate record with his own song:

    In English:

    • David Pescovitz says:

      “Nothing new:” As I wrote in my post, “sugar-and-chocolate records have been produced since at least 1905!”

  4. Melts on your turntable, not in your hands!

  5. Ray Perkins says:

    Hook it up with thousand-dollar Monster cables for that true chocolatey sound!

  6. AnthonyC says:

    Is it 3D printed chocolate?