Thaipusam portraits from Singapore (photo)


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  1. parfae says:

    Are those limes on that second man? He must really be afraid of drowning.

  2. bubostano says:

    Religious beliefs…..curiouser and curiouser.

  3. Marjo Aho says:

    In the 90′s I lived just steps away from the  Sri Thendayuthapani Temple which is the “destination” of the procession and hence got to see this for a few years. It was absolutely incredible to see how the men carried the heavy Kavadis (something like spiked steel cages)  piercing their torsos for 4 1/2 km in the hot sun!  In one instance we saw a man being carried suspended on two meal rods that ran beneath his back skin. Unbelievable. The tricky part to catch Thaipussam was that the auspicious date was calculated according to some celestial events and no-one seemed to know the exact date until a day or two before the event.

    • Shashwath T.R. says:

      The exact date is fairly easy to calculate. It’s always the full moon between mid-January and mid-February. “Thai” is a month in the Indian calendar (it’s called Thai in Tamil, and Pausha in Sanskrit), so Thai Poosam is a festival held during that month.

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