Portlandia just keeps getting better.

The third season of IFC's Portlandia is just unbelievably, astonishingly good. It's one of my favorite shows on television (well, iPad) right now. Above, the "nerd" PSA I've always been hoping someone would make.

I also loved the recent segment featuring George Wendt as a Portland Tribune journalist who is newly demoted to “linkalist,” in a scenario many working newsmen and women will unfortunately find familiar.

Carrie and Fred, we know you love Boing Boing; now you know Boing Boing loves you back.

If you haven't dug in yet, dig in. Below, another couple of recent clips. Anyone who's ever been to a raw vegan restaurant knows the necessity of a Fart Patio. And, below that, "The Battle of the Gentle Bands," featuring Dinosaur Jr. frontman J. Mascis. Actually, "Gentle Bands" may really just be an Ambicon promo.

[Update: Some Boing Boing readers outside of the US report that the videos are region-blocked. There are workarounds! Google 'em.]