Action figures depicting presidents as Famous Monsters of Filmland

Heroes in Action have a line of Presidential Monster action figures, including JFK as the Phantom of the White House, Mitt Romney Ronald Reagan as The Ronmy, GW Bush as Zombush, Bill Clinton as Wolf Bill, Richard Nixon as Monster from the Watergate Lagoon (my favorite of the bunch), Barack Obama as Baracula, and Abe Lincoln as Lincolnstein. They're $30 each or $165 for the set.

Heroes in Action Toys - Presidential Monsters (via Super Punch)


  1. For a brief moment I was amused to learn that Finland had famous monsters, and delighted by the obscurity of the effort to turn American Presidents into them.

    I think I’m tired.

  2. I would’ve paid top dollar for the Mitt Romney’s “golden robot” action figure, but I guess since he’s not a true President, they can’t go into production with it.

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