Catalog of Internet sins

Shane Nickerson's "Tricks to Successful Internetting" is a 15-point list of Internet attitudinal sins -- vices that we all indulge in more often than we like to admit. It's uncomfortable reading, but should probably be posted above every computer in the world.

1. When in doubt, ARGUE! Being right matters.

2. Hate everything.

3. Saw it already. Funnier the first time.

4. FAKE.

5. Did he died?

6. Make fun of something someone else loves because FUCK THEM!

Tricks to Successful Internetting (via Wil Wheaton)

(Image: Duty Calls, XKCD)


  1. Although it would be preferable to get an objective opinion I’m pretty sure I’m only guilty of nos.1 and 11 on a consistent basis. I used to be guilty of no.12 as well, but gave up because I recognize that sometimes even people who can’t spell can still make valid arguments. Also sometimes the reason for the poor grammar is sometimes the commenter’s first language isn’t English, which doesn’t need to be harped on.

    Not that I’m proud of being guilty of only two of the listed sins. In fact I think I may be guilty of no.11 right now.

  2. I’d say something about getting really drunk and rageposting, but I think that’s how Gawker gets the articles with the most hits.

    1. I know-ish (more friend of a friend) mobutu sese seko (penname, blogger for gawker).  I can confirm that this is basically his process.

  3. Maybe the best thing about these fora is that everybody gets to try out lame arguments and attitudes and dispose of them with embarrassment. It is sharpening our communication skills. pretty sure, yup.

  4. As Miss Information once put it:
    Q – Someone just posted that Star Wars was made by Quentin Tarantino.  What should I do?A – You must correct this erroneous information instantly; especially if you know that it was produced by Woody Allen.  Probably no one else will notice and who knows how many innocents could be mislead by this lie!Q – I just read a long, long thread on a mailing list and find myself in complete agreement on the consensus reached.  How best to signify this?
    A – Remail the entire thread to all participants after appending “Me too!” to the end.

    Q – I have a 50 MB powerpoint presentation that I’m not sure is just right.  What’s the best way to get feedback on it?
    A – Email is the application of choice for all interactions on the InterWebs – regardless of length.  Mail it to 100 of your closest colleagues for commentary.  Be sure not to clutter any subsequent revisions with version numbers and remail them all to all thread participants.

    1. I once made a ppt presentation  – about 20 slides – and was flabbergasted to find it was 131MB. Still no idea why. Saved it as a pdf and it shrank to 3MB. No joke.

  5. I come on Boing Boing to read about springs and new developments in spring technology, what does this even have to do with springs, coils or rubber bands?
    (a.k.a. Wired Commenter Syndrome)

  6. Alternative version of number 6; “Taking things personally because someone dislikes something I like. FUCK YOU STOP DISLIKING THINGS I LIKE!

  7. 3,4,8 and 12 aren’t bad are they? What’s wrong with trying to increase the quality of material on the internet (apart from the futility of it)?

  8. This list has been very helpful, I am already very skilled at the internetting but even with my vast experience there are a couple really good points on this list that I haven’t really been utilizing to their maximum potential. This should help me kick it up to the next level. 

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