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7 Responses to “Jackson 5ive animated series on DVD”

  1. anansi133 says:

    All my life, I’ve occasionally written the number “5” when I meant to write the letter “F”. I’d completely forgotten about this show- but it was airing the same time I was learning to read and write. Coincidence?

  2. cj howeareya says:

    I loved those cartoons as a kid — but also being addicted to Looney Tunes, I remember thinking the animation was rather crap.  
    Those songs, though . . . 

  3. Cunning says:

    Fast forward to 1:42.  Nice to see the elightened, young hippies still draw Asians like it was 1942.

  4. aperturehead says:

    Sad to say, but I’ve developed a strong aversion toward any sort of Michael Jackson-oriented cultural item – an aversion based solely on the myriad child sexual abuse allegations thrown at him during the last 15 years of his life…add to that the extreme uneasy creepiness of his latter-day personna and it’s nigh impossible for me to enjoy even some cutesy early ’70s Jackson Five cartoons. It’s basically the same way I feel about the work of Phil Spector (can’t listen to it…a murder can have that affect on my taste)

    I know there are some brave souls who can separate the personality of an artist from the artist’s art (or in Jackson’s case, his music with and without his brothers) Heck…”Billie Jean” is a monster disco jam, but holy crud, Michael Jackson liked to have sleepovers with little boys. That’s not good…and if it’s not a sin and a shame then what is? – I’ll pass on these cute Jackson 5 cartoons – though I’m sure they’re cute and fun.

  5. Erick Delano says:

    Wow. haha. what a wonderful anime with a great music created. I’m interested in. . .The scene while they gotta be kidding . They cheated stuffs

  6. Preston Sturges says:

    Sadly this was the high point of Marlin’s career.