Makies custom 3D-printed toys, now in color!

Makies are the custom, 3D printed dolls that come from MakieLab, the company my wife Alice founded. The first couple revs of the doll were all bone white, due to limitations of the high-wearing, kid-safe plastics. But after a lot of R&D, the Makies have figured out how to do color, starting from today:

Fantastic: four! We present to you: Ice Frosting, Strawberry Milk, Cocoa Bean and Pale Pistachio. You can now order hand dip-dyed Makies, and the results are this delicious body-blush of colour. Note the variation, the “organic” effect, and the unique finish: your hand-dyed Makie won’t look like a uniform-plastic doll, but a feisty little piece of art.