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Eric Andre offers the Internet-visiting public a compendium of up-for-grabs band names. Band names are the original Twitter: hyper-compressed witticisms meant to leap off a poster wheatpasted to a telephone pole and lodge in the mind forever. Here are some of my favorites from Eric's list:

Jesus and the Christs
Lionel Nitsche
Polyamorous Brazilian Atheist
Alien vs Predator vs Brown vs The Board of Education
Mega Nintendo Death Hibachi
Mud Butt Monorail
The Beyonces
The Dave Matthews’ Dave Matthews’ Band
Cardboard Swordfight
Alpha Nerd
Lonely Pizza
Organic Pesticides
Teenage Chicken
Axe Body Spray
9 mm Camera

Eric's Band Names (via MeFi)

(Image: poster in Rome, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from davemorris's photostream)


  1. Yup… when I hear an amusing set of three words next to each other, I often say “that would be a good name for a band.” 

    Favorite real punk band name: A3I, which stands for Any Three Initials.

  2. Eric,
    I have a journal full of band names, we should go over them in case there are duplicates. a la Pontius Pilate and the Pretentious Pyro Pirates, anyone? nay?

  3. Coming up with these is always fun.
    Favorite name for an actual band, of which an old college friend was a member: Colostomy Bag Weekend.

  4. My favorite band names came from posters on the wall in Bob Fingerman’s Skinheads In Love comic. My all-time favorite is Fudge Pachyderm.

  5. I find it really hard to believe that there has never been a band called Jesus and the Christs. Somebody somewhere must have used it once. It’s so obvious.

  6. once a year or so i run the following Google search and document the results, on my blog:

     * “is a good name for a band”

     a quick look today gives:
    The Chi Machine
    The Shards of Narsil
    Blood and Semen
    Forest Heart
    Depresso Loner Dudes
    Modern Slut Deconstruction

    1. The Shards of Narsil

      I always thought that The Stench and the Peril would be a good name.

  7. Lionel Nietzsche…that’s a winner right there.

    Bands that I named, performed with or participated in:
    Funny Cow
    Meathook Sodomy
    Colostomy Bag Lunch
    Butchers Can Dance
    Pablo and the Escobars

    Not to imply that the music was particularly good, but in retrospect…the times were.

    1. First Avenue’s playbill has been full of band-name gold since I was waaayyyy too young to go there (which would be around the time that they still lit up the neon on the upper deck, but decades after my grandpa drove buses there).

  8. When my son was very little someone tried to take a small toy away from him and he snatched it back yelling, “That’s my this!” That’s been our Rock Band band name for about 4 years.

  9. I always thought Psychosomatic Fleas would be a good name for a band. My ex and I came up with this to describe the feeling you get when you’re visiting a really filthy house with a lot of animals living there. 

  10. Luscious Crack, Son!
    Britches & Hose
    Jihad for Jello
    Prophylactic Shock
    Semper Pie
    Vault Pole
    Dwarf Horse
    Brown Eye Blind
    The Mama Casstrators
    The Vonnegut Asterisks

  11. They’ll never hold a candle to Japanese boy band names.  Here’s a list I gathered from album covers, posters, and the occasional marquee when I was in Okinawa:
    Lego Big Morl
    Spank Page
    Prank Puppy
    Gun Food

    Game time!  Which one did I make up?

  12. The Vagina Splits (credit to the Onion)

    Fingertight (you know, like how you put in the spark plugs before applying the torque wrench? I’m sure that’s what you were thinking.)

  13. I always liked the “A and the Bs” format so you could play to the trope of a “Talent” or Diva and their mates in the backup band.  Then they can have a “Spinal Tap” breakup scenario – “You’ve changed man.  It used to be about the music!”.

    My favourites were “Teenage Jesus Christ and the Cardboard Brains” and “Doug and the Slugs”.

  14. One of my best friends heads up a band called…

    Perp Walk.

    I’ve had many people say that they wish that they had thought of it firsrt.

  15. If you want more, my text-generating program JanusNode ( ships with a band-name-generating rule set. Some samples:
    The Carnally Obliging
    The Evaded Desires
    The Spontaneously Contaminated
    The Hairy Pleasure Flings
    Waxen Platypus
    The Loudly Delineated
    Unconvincing Unhappiness
    The Strangulater Porpoises
    Chocolate Poverty
    The Overly Compensated.

  16. I started doing this not so long ago. Fair warning, some are terrifically racist/offensive (just jokes!!?!). Some of my favs:

    1. Flock of Segals2. Death By Swan4. The Practical Implications Of Beaks5. Darlings Of The Environment6. Fresh Foot7. Black Spastics8. Beef Jerks9. Codeine Red10. Regret-me-nots11. Last Round For The Burglers12. Sticky Date Rape13. Alkali Bees14. Paper C**ts

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