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An Internet K-Hole day is a good day. The Internet K-Hole is an infrequently updated blog. Each post contains a large number of found photographs, mainly from the 1980s and 1990s. Some of the photos are NSFW.

Internet K-Hole


  1. I’ve seriously been moved to tears because of such intense feelings of nostalgia while viewing this blog. 

  2. I used to trust most of my memories of the 80s but after looking at these I realize my memories are wrong, and this is what it was really like. I must have been trying to protect myself from the gloriously awful truth. Or I was just stoned.

    1. I was born in ’77, but my memory of the ’80s is literally nothing like the media regurgitation thereof. I remember a lot more gritty punk than dayglo.

    1. Uh, YEAH.

      Nostalgia…nostalgia…memories…Nebraska kid….HOLY CRAP.

      It’s not that we weren’t warned, more that it went from zero to PR0N in two seconds.  I mean, DAMN.

  3. These are amazing photos!  Mark wasn’t kidding about the NSFW… despite the warning, that first money shot caught me by surprise.

  4. If you prefer your K-hole in legacy print form, you can head over to SF Zine HAMBURGER EYES for paper copies.

  5. Finally, the answer to one of the most important questions facing our time: What came first, the cat pictures or the internet?

    It was, indeed, the cat pictures.

  6. all the famous-punker teen shots are cool, but i’m totally fascinated by the big-glasses arkansas clan… and whether they are her family, or just random strangers in for a shock one day when they realize where their vacation pics ended up.

  7. Another warning if you start digging through older posts you will stumble on things like unedited pictures of the Tate murder scene. 

  8. Is this like NOFX’s “Kids of the K-Hole”?  Cause these photos are exactly what I always imagined when I listened to that song.  Still one of my favorites.

    1. So that wasn’t my imagination!  Yes, I saw it and laughed at how, y’know, normal they looked.

      1. yeah it took me a minute. 

        I was like that kid looks like Anthony Kiedis, then I noticed Flea.

        They have a great cameo in the Charllie Sheen movie The Chase

    2. There’s one pic where I swear you can see a young “Brandon from Beverly Hills 90210” (I obviously can’t remember the real name).

  9. I have to say I don’t understand the editorial decision to choose a photo of someone shoving a gun in another person’s face to represent this blog. Why?

  10. There’s NSFW and then there’s crass hardcore gyno-exam porn. Please! Not Boing Boing’s finest moment.

      1. Exactly. There are pics of car accidents, even dead bodies and funerals. I guess it’s a way of de-glamourising the past.

  11. I’ve been a fan of this blog for awhile now. Love it wayyyyyy too much…especially the goth kids and candid celebrity shots.

  12. Can’t tell which band is playing, but it looks like a young Jello Biafra is in the audience in one of those pics.

    1. I haven’t found any pictures of me, but I did find a few dozen pictures that are me. I suspect you found some that are you as well.

  13. There are some snapshots in that stack that – well, let’s just say that if I’d shot them on a film camera, I probably wouldn’t have taken the film to my local drugstore for processing.  (Or to Fotomat, remember them?)

    1.  I recall back in the day there were certain photo labs that you could entrust with your smut. Still a bit awkward, though.

      Looking at the quality of the pics there, I’d guess the artiste in question was not trained enough to run his own lab.

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