Report: Senior monks at Tibetan monasteries "disappeared" by Chinese authorities


5 Responses to “Report: Senior monks at Tibetan monasteries "disappeared" by Chinese authorities”

  1. mikei says:

    Fucking genocide.  But no one will even call China out for it.  Every nation has blood on its hands, but they’re destroying arguably the most spiritually developed culture in the history of the planet.  Good thing a lot of brave folks, high llamas and otherwise, managed to get out while they could, and brought the teachings with them.

    • Alex Rudnick says:

      There’s teachings getting out, OK. But then there’s human beings stuck there. Less OK :-

    • kraut says:

      Every nation has blood on its hands Switzerland? Sweden (after the 30 year war)?  Lithuania? Denmark?
      Just saying.

      I wouldn’t want to grade cultures by spiritual development, but, yes, what China is doing in Tibet is bad. Bad.

      It’s even worse that no one in power in the west is really calling them to account on it.

  2. mikei says:

    Wow.  It’s a little quiet in here.  “Just look at this monk self-immolating.  Just look at it.”  Sigh.  There is much work to be done…

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