Three more Merchant Princes books due

Here's a bit of good news: Charlie Stross has sold another trilogy in his fantastic Merchant Princes series, a highly original take on heroic fantasy, with the DHS and real-world economics thrown in for spice. "


  1. Am I the only one who thought the first series had lots of interesting ideas and character, but not even close to six books of plot and developments? I enjoyed them, but even as I was reading there were bits that were obviously killing time.

    1. I enjoyed the first book quite a lot, the second almost as much, and disliked every subsequent one. I finally gave up on the series at the 5th, and will need some really good recommendations before I try any more.

  2. I’m just hoping Charlie can balance his output so as not to starve me of more Laundry novels… and Saturn’s Children novels… and more of the Halting State series… and more collaborations. I think i just want him to treble his output. I don’t think i’m being unreasonable asking for three books per year.

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