Titanium multitool ring with five tools (including moustache comb!)


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  1. Lucy Gothro says:

    The comb could also be used for eyelashes.  I’d like to see a feminine version.  

  2. slagmacg says:

    I’m sure that the TSA folks will love it

    • oasisob1 says:

      They’ll never notice it. They are far too busy looking for water bottles, laughing at images on the pornoscanner and harassing non-terrorists.

  3. titanium is a poor choice of metal to clamp around a digit

    • Max Allan says:

      Why? I had a titanium wedding band. Inlaid with silver strips. (I still do have it, I just don’t wear it since I got divorced)
      It was light and metallic, everything a ring should be. Didn’t tarnish, didn’t corrode onto my finger etc.

      • me me says:

        my fiance is an emergency dept doc.  she won’t let anyone buy titanium rings as they can’t be cut off easily in case of emergency.  especially avoid the titanium cock rings, apparently.

        • Bevatron Repairman says:

          To coin a phrase, “Oh, my.”

        • nowimnothing says:

          I can see that, but every gold or silver ring I ever had ended up misshapen after just a year or two. My titanium one is perfect after 10 1/2 years.

        • dculberson says:

          Maybe she should look into it a little more before spreading it around:


          Takeaway: Titanium is not significantly harder to saw through than steel.  Yes, it’s harder than gold, but it’s still possible to cut it off.

          • me me says:

            we weren’t talking about steel.  aerospace titanium, near impossible according to the link.  regular titanium requires 2 cuts to cut it off.  be my guest to put your digits or other parts in harms way.

          • Donald Petersen says:

            “Near impossible according to the link”?  According to the link:

            One could still be cut loose from it, but the process would be a bit more involved.

            Not saying I’d recommend aerospace grade titanium rings any more than you would.  Just saying you might be exaggerating a bit.

        • jlbraun says:

          “they can’t be cut off easily”

          Myth.  Titanium is quite ductile and cuts easily.

    • Ladyfingers says:

       On the flip side of this argument, a wide titanium ring could save your fingers from a slam.

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        Isn’t titanium on the brittle side?

        • Ladyfingers says:

           Actually no, very much the opposite.

          It’s pretty remarkable in that it flexes without fatigue. I recall a titanium bicycle frame a few years ago that had a centimetre or two of elastomer placed in the junction between the seatstays and seatpost, and no mechanical hinge on the chainstays. The manufacturers were confident metal fatigue would not be an issue.

  4. CSBD says:

    Getting caught by some TSA mouth breather with this sort of “tool” is probably proof enough for them that you are terrorist and that you are volunteering for a whole lot of goatse-esque cavity searches etc.  Now that they have gotten rid of the porno scanners… they are left only with suspicions and rubber gloves to protect liberty and freedom from the terrorists.

    • EH says:

      Not everyone has accepted their TSA fate so readily.

    • jandrese says:

      They only got rid of one brand of Pronoscanner, there are still others.  Depends which brand your airport bought. 

      My complaint with this product is that all of the tools are small enough to be annoying to use.  Cutting packing tape is fine, but for almost anything else it’s going to be awkward.  Even sharpening a knife that small (which you will have to do a lot because Titanium doesn’t hold an edge as well as carbon steel) is difficult, especially with the huge ring part getting in the way. 

      How often are you going to be asked to saw through a pencil in your lifetime? 

  5. Why would they include a bottle opener if you can easily improvise one with a non-utility-ring?

  6. Jen Onymous says:

    I like this a lot, but also see how this can make False Authority Figures panic.

    It also reminds me quite a lot of these:


    My late Grandfather had one–he worked as a deliveryman. I take it that wearing one of these within the same zip code as an airport would get you arrested now.

  7. pjcamp says:

    Mustache comb — that’s about three feet further up than I was thinking.

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