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5 Responses to “TV made out of a grid of discarded remote controls”

  1. echolocate chocolate says:

    For some reason this makes me feel tremendously depressed.

    I love the idea of transience in art, but hate transience in consumer electronics. Everything is so cheap is easily discarded. Even when stuff works, it’s thrown away. So this piece is thoroughly brilliant and that’s probably why it makes me feel sad.

  2. nixiebunny says:

    Wiring up pixels one by one gives a person an appreciation of the cathode ray tube’s ability to make pixels out of nothing but a phosphor screen. I’ve built a couple LED video screens, so I know all about it. The second one, I only soldered the first thousand prototype LEDs by hand and had robots build the rest.

  3. miasm says:

    needs moar remotes.

  4. Thorzdad says:

    Low-rez is an understatement. This looks lower rez than the first electronic tv images.

  5. Woody Smith says:

    I didn’t see a single recognizable image.  It reminds me of the “color organs” that used to respond to music with flickering lights, back in the 60s….until we all noticed how BORING it was.