Adding glasses to that old newspaper photo


10 Responses to “Adding glasses to that old newspaper photo”

  1. tempo says:

    Ha, very nice.

  2. oasisob1 says:

    You win, sir!

  3. smut clyde says:

    That’s not Cory, that’s Bad Ronald.

  4. Even before I read the earlier article, I  recognized your mom in the photo . If you’ve not posted that photo before, you’ve posted one very similar.

  5. efergus3 says:

    But, wait…shouldn’t he be holding a banana? Just look at it!

  6. Nash Rambler says:

    Hmmm, needs a big more frothing at the mouth over copyright reform, but yes, well done.

  7. RElgin says:

    Your mom looks *so* adorable in this photo too. 
    Unfortunately, mine only managed scary in our photos.

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