Better orgasms promised

"The University of Minnesota - Twin Cities is set to hold an event this spring designed to help its female undergraduate students achieve more and greater orgasms"


    1. Wow.  I tried reading the comments, but they didn’t make any sense.  Why are these people so frightened of basic biological functions of humans?  It’s as though they all think they made it onto this planet the same way their messiah did.

      1. It’s as though they all think they made it onto this planet the same way their messiah did.

        They did.

  1. The author of the linked article is a man on a conservative website telling women what they can’t do with their bodies. Quelle suprise.

    1. Yup.  Scare quotes around the term “sex educators,” even.

      And, horror of horrors, they don’t even protect the virtue of our young:

      “The description of the event, which is hosted by the university’s Office of Diversity and Equity’s Women’s Center, does not say whether there is an age requirement. While the average age of undergraduates at UMTC is 21, it is not uncommon for students to enroll at the age of 17.”

      1. Curious to know whether minors need parental permission to go to sex ed courses in Minnesota. Not that it matters – this event isn’t some sort of for credit academic course anyway. It’s like the author lives in some dream world where the internet and libraries don’t exist and he is the self-appointed campus protector of all young womens’ virtue. For people who hate being told what to do (see gun control), they sure love telling other people what to do.

        1. The really funny part is, not only is sex education for children horrifying – it’s horrifying for adults too.  The female orgasm is so icky NOBODY should know about it!

      2. So when I read the headline, I was thinking I’d enjoy reading about this and would send a link to my daughter, who is a sex educator (no scare quotes on her!) and is working towards a session like this at her university.  It was the scare quotes that clued me in immediately, and I was dismayed about the tone of the article.
        So what’s more interesting is that a lot of people probably DO read this as normal reporting, not realizing the slant. 

      3. You’re looking at this the wrong way.  He’s actually advertising the event because he knows that his readers will take one look at the article and say, “Ooh!  Underage pussy!”

        1. Who almost certainly aren’t wearing a promise ring from their dad.

          Yeah, I can see the hidden sub-text now.

    2. There’s this very sudden, weird trend of conservative men writing this sort of stuff. This post at Breitbart today is another good example:

      The idea is to “engage” — but they can’t help but dissolve into their own misogyny and resentment. It’s pretty cool.

    3. Until you pointed it out, I actually thought this was a perfectly-neutral “what’s happening on campus” news article.  I guess I wasn’t reading in-between the lines.  Or the comments, for that matter.

      Hardly the first time I’ve heard of this sort of workshop being conducted on a university campus, but then, I’m in Canada.

      1.  The scare quotes around completely legit phrases like “sex educators” should have clued you in.

  2. There are millions of dollars in pharmaceutical endeavors engaged in helping men get it up, and a paltry 3406 dollars to help women understand their bodies’ sexual response better — the outrage!

    1. And….employers have no problem allowing the insurance companies to cover the cost for such pharmaceutical endeavors on behalf of their MALE employees.

      1. Yes both are Quality of life for both genders but men can’t have intercourse without the erection and you are complaining about not spending money on “better” orgasms? seems a bit specious to me.

        1. News flash: men can engage in sex without an erection.

          You do know there’s more than one way to have sex, right?

          1. Right – but I defy you to find a university handing out ‘how to safely fuck your ass with a bed post’ pamphlets. Female sexuality is celebrated (if a little caricatured). The smorgasbord of paraphernalia speaks for itself. Male sexuality, on the other hand – whether it’s penile masturbation or prostate massage – is ALWAYS the butt of a joke. 

            Sure, there’s a comedy angle. Whether we’re talking about self-inflicted friction burns or anal trauma – female sexuality certainly doesn’t HURT people as often as male sexuality. There IS something innately slapstick about a dude an his lube. But even Lolcats have feelings. I mean, it’s 2013, and the ‘fifi,’ is only JUST NOW climbing the prison walls with Tenga, et al? Fuck. Me. In an alternate universe, GIRL Pee-wee has her own reality show by now.

            It doesn’t even have to be one or the other. What about prolactin inhibitors – which can reduce/eliminate the refractory period for BOTH sexes? I want public-funded universities to research/teach THAT. Instead they’re reminding women they have clits? I like to imagine a little more sex dialogue/education for MEN could temper things like sexual aggression/homophobia. And a few generations of puritanism don’t obviate the O’Keefe that was every previous God.

            Go on, snark about the ubiquity of porn. Great sensei that it is.

          2. “Male sexuality, on the other hand – whether it’s penile masturbation or prostate massage – is ALWAYS the butt of a joke.”

            I admit, I reacted like a 13-year-old boy to that sentence.

          3. Except, of course, that women masturbating is a very new concept for much of our culture’s consciousness. Male masturbation may be a joke, but female masturbation is still considered imprudent, grotesque, slutty, and a “threat” to men.

            I agree we need pan-gender sexual education.  However, the reason we have all these devices, toys, and shops is to give women permission to touch themselves at all.  As a sex educator myself, I promise you, we have a LOT of work to do to get women to understand their own anatomy.  More orgasms are good for everyone, and bless these folks for helping women understand theirs. 

  3. Is it difficult to believe that they really teach stuff about sex in sex education classes?  

    Is it difficult to believe that some rightwing foundation is scared of sex?

  4. I can’t understand being angry or scared about something like this.  Jealous, maybe, but not angry or scared.

  5. When I was at UCSF, the urology department was recruiting volunteers to test ejaculation by prostate stimulation.

  6. I used to tutor that class, but it was noncredit and met in my ratty student apartment.

    Giggity, giggity.

  7. I <3 the Female Orgasm has been around for years. It was an annual event at the University of Maryland when I was there. Why is this news now?

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