Dog finds whale vomit

Ambergris in Morecambe, England. [BBC]

A man from Morecambe believes his dog has found a rare piece of whale vomit while walking on the beach. ... Mr Wilman said: "When I picked it up and smelled it I put it back down again and I thought 'urgh'.


  1. This man’s quote is me, every morning, trying to find something to eat in the fridge.

    1. I first learned about ambergris because it played a prominent role in Moby Dick. Thanks, Mr. Melville!

      1. I first learned about ambergris because it played a prominent role in Moby Dick.

        I had the same experience with homoerotic subtext.

  2. I was sitting with my husband in a little cafe on the Oregon coast this September.  The decor included several examples of whale vomit, which I thought was an odd choice of items for the customers to gaze at with their clam chowder.  What were the owners thinking?  Didn’t seem all that rare though…

  3. While certainly super disgusting, ambergris isn’t actually whale vomit. It does originate in the whale’s digestive tract (to help them pass food), and it can be expelled along with fecal matter or through the mouth. (Poor things.) But! Strictly speaking, it’s neither puke, poop, bile, phlegm, ear wax, kidney stones, belly button lint, nor anything else humans tend to excrete. Still, though. Way gross.

  4. Frequently I tell off commentators for commenting before reading a linked article, but this short description is too sweet to ruin with things like context.

  5. I have a chunk of ambergris I purchased a few years ago for use in perfumery. It is amazing. Phenomenal, really. The most extraordinary smell, deep and luscious, but also clean in a sexy way. It smells like someone who just naturally smells great, right after they had sex on a beach. Every chunk is different, I’ve heard, but mine is lovely.

  6. You have to be careful pickup stuff up off of the beach.  ISTR that several people have received (relatively minor) burns pickup up what they thought was amber that had washed ashore from the Irish Sea that turned out instead to be chunks of mustard gas* dumped in the sea after the WWII.

    *really a viscous liquid at room temperature.

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