Lorem Ipsum Books in Cambridge, Mass has 14 hours to raise the rest of $29K

Gavin Grant sez, "Loren Ipsum bookstore in Cambridge, MA, has about 14 hours left on Indiegogo to raise $29K to stay open. They're almost halfway there. I recommend the Helvetica T-shirt, although the Comic Sans one has a gravity of its own. Cory wrote about the store earlier.


  1. Doesn’t every retail operation have a finite amount of time to earn enough money or be put out of business? 

    I understand that people love this bookstore, and I’m not trying to be a dick. How is this not just a kickstarter for a failed business? What long-term solution does the infusion of cash provide? The problems facing book retailers won’t be any less dire once that $29k is gone.

    1. Sometimes a business goes under because of one balloon payment, the loss of some vital equipment, vandalism that’s not covered by insurance….. There are many situations in which a one-time injection of cash would save a business.

  2. I lament the passing of any independent bookstore, but the owner is actively looking to sell the business (which is not even his day job). He’s got some interesting ideas for making a bookstore work better as a business, but they’re vague and untested. And again, the owner’s clearly not committed to implementing them, since he’s looking for a buyer.

    Many people may love this store, but appealing to the internet to pay your back rent seems like a misuse of the kickstarter concept.

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