Meet Curiosity rover's earthbound sibling


12 Responses to “Meet Curiosity rover's earthbound sibling”

  1. Buckets of ground clearance.

  2. dragonfrog says:

    The “Duh, I already knew that” Rover.

  3. Punchcard says:

    They should give this rover a twitter account too. Think of the enui!


      • Punchcard says:

        Of course the glory hog has a twitter account. I was referring to the poor sibling. :P

        • “So dark.”
          “Nobody visits.”
          “@MarsCuriosity:twitter Hey bro what’s happening. Great down here. Lots of gravity.”
          “Taken out for a ride today. Wheeee! Mars Yard is fun. Loaded back on trailer. Locked away. Lights out.”
          “Haven’t seen anyone in weeks. Mission over?”
          “Scott visited. He’s the only one who ever visits when there isn’t a problem.”
          “I’d be less lonely on Mars.”

        • Jonathan Roberts says:

          It probably hangs around in bars the whole time pretending to be its famous twin. I’d say it’s doing fine.

  4. Preston Sturges says:

    We’re going to get drive thru.

  5. Punchcard says:

    I really want to know if this one is nuclear powered too.

  6. mongo says:

    I guess I shouldda knowed, but I had no idea they were that big.  
    I envisioned it being about the size of a Radio Flyer wagon.

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