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2 Responses to “Short documentary about competitive gaming tournaments”

  1. relevant: http://www.theverge.com/2013/1/21/3900406/video-game-speedruns-as-live-spectator-sport

  2. I quite like e-sports, im a big fan of the EVE AT and ive been watching more Starcraft II of late.
    but there’s a problem,

    and you can shout ‘white knight’ as much as you want:

    The inherent, normalized chauvinism which seems to endemic to gamers raises its ugly head, even when its not mentioned at tournaments i always get the feels that its silence out of ‘a respect for these political correct corporate folk, well get right back to the woman bashing as soon as the doors close’

    strangely, of all the sports i follow, i think the one which treats women the least poorly is climbing. And even then, hightism, and bad graiding of balence / technical difficulty over the ‘manarms-monkeyproblems’ dosent excuse it either.

    vaguely related rant is vaguely related.