TV reporter asks videobomber how long she's had an STD

"I don't have an STD."

"Then why did you want to talk?"


        1. I think that was live.

          And what producer wouldn’t expect a live cross to a street known for drunk people to have something crazy happen?

    1. That was a little mean.

      Mean would have been, “SOOOOO, how long have you had a SEHHHXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE?” Calling it an STD was pretty merciful. And it obviously had no effect on the woman, who was frankly acting like she has tertiary syphilis.

  1. This is about as smart as trying to do some on-site reporting in the lobby of the Las Vegas Bellagio on a Friday night. You are going to get drunks in your shot, it is inevitable.
    I don’t understand why someone would send a reporter to do an on-location shoot about STD’s anywhere near someplace like this. She should have been reporting about how much beer gets wasted by people vomiting it up into the gutters, because you’re way more likely to see that than see somebody catch an STD.

  2. Actually, I liked the “Cat Climbs Reporter on air” video more – see after the end of the video.

  3. that’s far better than the sound guy “where do you work so I can come in and tell you how to do your job” response to someone offering ‘advice’.

  4. Well played, anonymous newslady. I bet she keeps that line queued up at all times and ready to go.

    I think she may have forgotten it was a live feed, though.

  5. Maybe that reporter should stay off of Bourbon Street. Hell she should stay the hell away from anywhere. And what’s with the interest in STDs? Projection perhaps.

  6. Eh, I like it. The drunk was obnoxious and she was obnoxious back. I would give her a raise. I’ll take a verbal jab over one of those countless shitty and awful closing line cliche that reports always spew. Then again, I am from Boston, so a playful verbal “fuck you and go die you piece of shit” is almost about as offensive as grunting “eh” when someone says “good morning”.

    If she loses her job, she should just move up to the Northeast. She can put that video on her resume.

    1. Don’t television viewers want to be entertained? She seems like she’s done exactly that.

      1.  I reckon her producer was thinking how to smooth things over with a review board while giving that reporter more air time

  7. Um… she’s in New Orleans.  It’s Super Bowl week.  She’s on Bourboun Street.  She, herself, is wearing beads.  WTF did she expect?

  8. My guess: While the exact wanderer wasn’t chosen, they already planned to “go viral” and go off on the first drunk to enter their space (which considering the space, they knew they didn’t have to wait long for.)

    1. With you there.

      I’d like to see the whole segment from before the cut to the pretty newslady.  She didn’t want to be doing that – producer sent her to broadcast drunk people floating in technicolo(u)r yawns.  She just about says so herself – “… so, you can see what I’ve been having to deal with … dealing with that in my own little way”.  If the cut to live is sudden and jarring, it means the live team spotted a mark coming towards them and they prepped the studio for cut to live.Mild, mild, mild and pre-rehearsed wit from the pretty newslady (I really do think she’s attractive, but that’s another thing).  But, it’s the kind of game you figure out when you’re 13.  She’s annoyed to be broadcasting the ‘dark side’ of the whole thing, rather than the fun.  So out it came.  It all rolled exactly as they knew it would.

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