World of Warcraft movie coming

Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones (son of David Bowie) is to direct a feature film version of World of Warcraft.


  1. Just when I thought the monkey was off my back, along comes King frakking Kong with the superfly off the top rope.

  2. I got an early copy of the script.  Here are some excerpts:

    “Thank you for coming to this movie.  Please go to the lobby and retrieve the following, 4 extra large popcorns, 10 ice cream bars, 50 diet cokes in collector’s glasses…”

  3. Am I the only one hoping it’s narrated by Chuck Norris? (William Shatner and Mr. T would also be acceptable.)

    1.  Based on his past work, I’d have thought Uwe Boll would have been first choice for this project. Maybe he is busy on, “Total Crapathon: German Tax Write Off Extreme (Part XXI)”

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