Cayman Islands' sea turtle tourist trap sucks for the sea turtles

An article on Skift, "Inside the Cayman Islands' sea turtle tourist trap," details how a popular Caribbean wildlife farm promises up-close-and-personal experiences with the sea critters, but abuses them in the process.


  1. I visited that “farm” many years ago, before it had the tourist trappings.  It seemed like many other things on the island, once you got off of Seven Mile beach, that were run down and sort of sad.  There was a cafe that sold turtle burgers, which is when we decided to split. The diving off Cayman and Cayman Brac is out of this world, we saw and interacted with wild sea turtles, shark, rays, everything.  I hope they can clean that place up, I know that they took direct hits from a few hurricanes the last ten years, maybe a chance to start over?

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