Gypsyphonic Mardi Gras Mixtape with bounce versions of New Orleans carnival classics

Ben Ellman of Gypsyphonic and Galactic tells Boing Boing,

Its Mardi Gras here in New Orleans, and I've released a free Mardi Gras Bounce mix tape. it's bounce versions of all the classics-Professor Longhair, Meters, Wild Magnolias etc....never been done before. Free download here, and streaming here. HAPPY CARNIVAL!


  1. Xeni, I love the music… but the funny thing was (as I sat on the couch at home) about to click on this and my 9-yr old was sitting beside me and I said, “hey check this out, this music is great…” and then, bouncing along and a fair volume came, “Back the F**” up!” and then I clicked randomly ahead to “Motherf*****!” Just my luck…I should have anticipated it was NSFH, even though it’s great stuff.

    1. In my experience, pretty much everything that isn’t specifically intended for children, a formal discourse, or broadcast includes some amount of “profanity”.  It is the norm for communication in our culture, and you should probably expect it when exposing your kids to culture.  I hope it’s not rude to give parenting advice, but hey, you brought it up :)

      More important than sheltering your kid from hearing “bad words” is teaching what are OK and not-OK ways for people to express themselves – regardless of the specific words being used.  Saying “back the fuck up” is way different from saying “fuck you”…and even then, it depends how you say either thing.

    1. I grew up there in the 70s and I’m totally down with this version. The city’s music should be a living thing that wanders out into the streets and commands you to dance and have a good time.

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