Lawmaker's "elephant expenses" challenged

Claire Davenport: "An Austrian member of the European Parliament is under investigation over suspect expenses claims totaling 1.3 million euros, including one item listed as 'elephant'."


  1. I don’t suppose that European Parliament member’s name is Hannibal, by any chance?  If so, that elephant might be a justifiable expense.

  2. I see your “elephant” and I raise you an anti EU report funded by… the European Union.

    I am not a EU skeptic but I can understand why people can become so bitter about it. Hardly anyone knows how the European Union functions, who does exactly what and what the institutions mean. For the average European, this is pretty esoteric and to make matters even worse, we regularly get press reports about corruption like this elephant or Geert Wilders’ associate paying for his rehab with EU funds. 

  3. FTA:
    Martin says he in fact meant to claim for books about Auschwitz from an Austrian publisher called “Ephelant”. The publisher does offer such a book, priced at 22 euros.

    1. Yes, he spent 2,200 euros on books about Auschwitz.  At the taxpayers’ expense.

      The problem with the European Parliament, and the UK, and probably lots of other places is that they finance their offices by claiming expenses.  They should just get allowances and have to work within their budgets.

  4. Could have been worse… he could have been claiming to have the moat surrounding his castle cleaned or a new duck house. Or his partner could have been claiming for the porn vids they had bought

  5. I once shot an elephant in my expense account. How an elephant got into my expense account I’ll never know…

  6. Without the selfless devotion to fraudulent overspending of our elected representatives like Dr Martin we would never become aware of the problem.
    Why should we begrudge him just one elephant?

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