Odd and inappropriate Valentine's cards of yesteryear

Here's a small sampling of artist Mitch O'Connell's fabulous Valentine's card collection gallery. (These are real cards, not something Mitch made up.)

Just in time to send to your Valentine sweetheart, a huge selection of the offbeat, odd, perplexing, inappropriate, outlandish, bizarre, sexist, eccentric and far-out funny cards, all collected in one place ...for YOU (with love)!

Subject matter includes anger issues, from punching, stabbing, shooting your loved one to running them over with your car. "A woman's place is in the home" themes with pots 'n pans, brooms and dust pans expressing how your heart beats for them. "Find the hidden penis" is a M.O'C Blog Valentine favorite with suggestively placed rulers, logs, bananas, balloons, rocket ships, and hot dogs showing how you really, REALLY feel!

Unintentionally Hilarious Vintage Valentine's Day Cards! See the top 100 Risque, Rude and Sexy examples of all time!

Mitch also has a new art book -- Mitch O'Connell, the World's Best Artist by Mitch O'Connell! Look for an exclusive preview soon on Boing Boing. It's available for pre-order on Amazon, or directly from Mitch's site.


  1. I’m not sure how much of the humour was unintentional, myself.

    Despite the evidence to the contrary, every generation thinks they invented sex…

        1. “Methylene blue is used intracavernously to treat priapism, but it should not be used in treatment of recurrent priapism or fibrosis because it can induce penile necrosis. Temporary blue discoloration of the penis is also of concern.” – Wikipedia

  2. I’m not sure if these are “real” or not – i.e. did the artist create them?  It’s not entirely clear to me.

  3. These look like saucy British seaside postcards with the message spelt out in words for those who are a bit slow.

  4. Whats inappropriate about them, and why unintentional? Looks pretty intentional to me. Did people not laugh in the past?

  5. There are crude and suggestive cards on shelves in grocery stores and card shops now.  Still creepy and inappropriate for general consumption.

  6. In the first photo (“It’s loaded..”), having a hard time visualizing what that “thing” is in front of the kid.. The text implies it’s a canon, but it looks like a conch shell loaded with a baloney, or maybe a severed limb.

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