Sleeping judge fired

A Russian judge filmed nodding off in his courtroom lost his job this week. Ben Rankin, of the Daily Mirror, writes that he will be able to return to his post "provided he retakes his exams."


    1. Exactly what are the qualifications for being a judge in Russia?

      Being heterosexual, promoting the Church and paying off Putin seem to be the keys to success (or survival) in Russia these days.

  1. Are we going to see a proliferation of the court room equivalent of dashboard cams from Russia after this incident? If that happened, I’d expect Law and Order to be making some stylistic changes.

  2. I find it odd that he’ll be allowed back if he retakes his exams. Was he unaware that falling asleep mid-trial is unacceptable because he didn’t study hard enough?

    1.  Perhaps if he’s in the habit of going out clubbing too much, he won’t be able to pass the re-take?

  3. Somnajudication: sleep judging is the next big parasomnia disorder.

    Catch Court TV’s new hit series, Judge Sleepy.

    Typical, just because he’s a justice he thinks he can take arbitrary naps. ← See what I did there?

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