U of Chicago Press launches DRM-free ebook line

Levi sez, "Chicago Shorts -- distinguished selections, including never-before-published material, off-the-radar reads culled from the University of Chicago Press's commanding archive, and the best of our newest books, all priced for impulse buying and presented exclusively in DRM-free e-book format. The first batch includes an unfinished Norman Maclean manuscript, Shakespearean legal criticism, works by Carl Zimmer and Roger Ebert, sibling rivalry in Thomas Mann's family tree, a narrative history of photojournalism, the 500 films Richard Nixon watched while in office, and the biography of one unpredictable, peg-legged baseball icon."


  1. I would love to be party to the decision-making process at the U. Chicago Press. Are they trying to go for a larger public image? At any rate, there’s one free book a month; this series currently only has nine titles. And for people who read UCP books, here’s a better teaser: Richard Posner and Wayne Booth are on the list.

    1. I’ll reply to myself to add that their regular e-books are priced at $7 or print price (say, $20). The seven-buck chuck version is a “rental”–in Adobe DRM format for 30 days. So slow readers who use calibre could, um, extend the loan period indefinitely on those $7 “loaners.”

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