Wall Street Journal: We, too, were hacked by China


8 Responses to “Wall Street Journal: We, too, were hacked by China”

  1. ddh819 says:

    might be worried if i was a chinese source for one of them

  2. JProffitt71 says:

    So I guess the whole “hurr they were hacked by communists and no one noticed” joke falls apart right about now.

  3. This is not the WWIII that I expected as a child.

  4. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    Do you ever wonder if they were just feeling left out and told a story to try and fit in more with the cool kids?

    • Nash Rambler says:

      It does have that feel, doesn’t it?  We’ll know for sure if the WSJ also announces that it has a super-hot girlfriend it hooked up with over summer vacation, but she lives in Canada.

      • That_Anonymous_Coward says:

        Or announces that the girlfriend passed away right before some big event, but her last wish was that they keep going on….

  5. Brad Bell says:

    I was targeted by Chinese hackers this morning. 

    I guess we should censor the internet. 

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