Possibly the greatest ad for books, ever

I, Robot


  1. Ah, I used to read all these guys (and C. L. Moore, the distaff side of Padgett, too!) as a kid.  I don’t know if I’ve read anything except for I, Robot on this particular list though.  (Sometimes they re-released stuff under different titles.)

  2. Ooh, that’s Ludlow Tempo Heavy with the alternate characters that make it think it can try to pass as Linotype’s Metroblack No. 2, rather than the ones that make it look like Futura Bold.  Such pointy “A”s!

    I still wish someone would finally digitize all the styles of Tempo, especially the happy slightly-curly italic:


    Sorry for the tangent, it just always makes me sad to see cool old graphic design using the few common fonts of the 20th century that HAVEN’T been digitized to keep them in circulation. If Asimov ever writes his first book again, how will we advertise it? Arial? Papyrus?

    …Comic Sans?

    (Also, “Daddy, what was a ‘Please rush books I have listed on separate sheet with my enclosed remittance’? When were ‘sheets’, Daddy?”)

    1. They’re just using “man” as the opposite of “robot”. “Woman” wouldn’t be appropriate because all right-thinking Earthmen know “woman” is a synonym for “dishwasher”.

      Besides, we don’t know what this scary robot’s capable of. Everyone he’s staring at might be a man now! GREETINGS, EARTH-MANS READING THIS, YOU HAVE JUST TURNED MALE BECAUSE OF MY EYE-RAYS. YOU HAVE BEEN GENDERVIZED. BEEP.

  3. “Crammed full of chuckles and startling gadgets” sounds exactly like the sort of thing that Chris Ware used to write in his pages full of fake comic ads.

  4. These books are classics of science fiction; they were NEVER released under different titles. ROBOTS HAVE NO TAILS was a collection of stories involving Gallagher, whose creator made him when he was drunk. The robot liked to admire himself in mirrors. Beer features in all the stories, and it turns out the robot is the perfect beer…. ack!

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