It's Superb Owl Sunday

Look at this superb owl photograph by Boing Boing reader Erik Veland, shared in the BB Flickr Pool. It's a barking owl, native to Australia.

Do you have photos of a superb owl to share on Superb Owl Sunday 2013? Share them in the comments!


  1. I’ll miss you Xeni. 
    Those nice men from ICE are sorta nearsighted and are gonna come get you, they don’t have a really good track record with this sorta thing.

  2. How about this chap from the Owl Sanctuary in Cornwall, UK.

        1. What help do you want? You can use the Image button to add an image, or you can link to an image and it will show up in the comment. Masking the link will defeat the latter.

          1. Specifically, I’d wanted that image linked to my prior comment. I ended up downloading it, than attaching it using the “Image” button.

            Masking, as in putting in HTML tags or BBCode? If so, that would have been the problem I was having.

          2. You can’t add an image to a prior comment by using the Image button, but you can retroactively stick a URL in, and I think that will work.. And the auto-image-load function is presumably triggered by URLs that end in jpg, etc. Maybe. So if you mask it, it doesn’t know that it’s an image and doesn’t load it.

    1. So I sent him to ask of the Owl if he’s there
      How to loosen a jar from the nose of a bear…

  3. I was upset that my daughter’s homework assignment for this weekend was to watch something called the superbowl. Now I understand her true assignment, and I am eager to help her get a good grade! Thanks, BB for saving the day!

  4. Superb Chilean pygmy owl staring down a hummingbird.  Not something you see every day!  Near Peulla, Chile.

  5. How about this one?

    Full post:

  6. Rio Rancho, New Mexico. This great horned owl and its mate nested at one of the local public schools where I am a teacher. We have had presidents, film crews and celebrities visit our campus. This family of owls, by far, were our most distinguished guests. 

  7. This fellow resides at the San Diego Zoo. Didn’t take note of what species at the time, but just lovely.

    1. Ooops, well I tried to paste an ASCII art BBC Micro owl, but youll just have to google it.

  8. Walter is pretty superb too! — you can find him on facebook too! (He’s dancing Gangnam Style in the picture)

  9. Couple shots of a great horned owl:

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