Newly identified photo of delta blues icon Robert Johnson confirmed


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  1. annoyingmouse says:

    I’m listening to the third My Bloody Valentine album and looking at a third Robert Johnson picture at the same time.  My brain is not sure it can handle this…

    (It can however handle the fact that it is annoyed that the article finds room to talk of pacts with the devil but doesn’t feel like mentioning the actual talents of the guitarist)

  2. Woody Smith says:

    I don’t get the point. This photo is merely a greatly recropped version of one that has been on Google images as a Robert Johnson photo since at least 2007, attributed to a Claud Johnson. The original shows their full bodies. All that has happened is that someone with no expertise in the subject has said, “Yep, looks like him to me.”

    I’m curious to know who REPAIRED the image, as well as recropped it to hide the freakishly long fingers on his right hand: the original is gravely damaged, with a huge hole in Johnson’s forehead.

  3. chris jimson says:

    What is that crappy guitar he’s holding, that doesn’t appear to have any tuning pegs?  A Stella, maybe?

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