Strawberry that looks like a bear

Behold: the StrawBEARy, a miraculous mutant fruit discovered by Redditor Taybow, and put into the Internets for the greater glory.

Found a strawBEARy! ( (via Neatorama)


    1. I wish there was some way to show this strawberry to the overly-religious. Sometimes a strawberry is just a strawberry. It’s your imagination that gives it extra meaning. Over here last year hundreds of people started praying and crying because a “silhouette” that “resembles” the Virgin Mary “appeared” on the dust film covering the windows of a local church. Well, if only there was a religion that worships bears. This strawberry can be so eBayed! 

        1.  Well then, if you’re part of the legion of believers flocking to this person’s house to see the miracle, do bring donuts or something else to share.

  1. You are what you eat… and sadly I can now confirm what exactly it was that happened on that dark day in Strawberryland.  All we had to work with was a red smudge that first was thought to be jelly… sadly it was the remains of Ms. Shortcake.

    The StrawBeary will be brought to fruit animal control and most likely will be put down as a danger to society.  The public defender appointed to represent The Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak has petitioned the court to release his client from jail in light of this new evidence.

    We were unable to reach Custard cat for comment on this sad turn of events.

    1. You are what you eat

      Obviously consumption of one of these is required before someone can truly realize what it means to have a right to bear arms.  Pic related…

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