Catholic school forbids girls, but not boys, from cursing

"Female students at a Catholic high school in northern New Jersey have taken a “no-cursing” pledge at the request of school administrators, though some question why no such demand was made of male students." [NBC - Thanks, Heather!]


    1. The way I read it first, it was:
      “Catholic school forbids girls, but not boys, from cruising“.  Some nasty images of Al Pacino & friends popped to mind.

  1.  As usual, no shortage of idiocy from this organization. I think the German Arch-Bishop comparing recent criticism of the church to a “pogrom” a couple days ago pretty much trumps them all though……

  2. So that girls can learn early society has different rules.
    If a girl decides to have sex, she is a slutty whore.
    If a boy decided to have sex, he is a manly man.

  3. Boy souls aren’t worth saving.  Girl souls, well, they fetch a pretty price on the black-market.  But only if undamaged.

    1. My vocabulary has definitely been permanently affected by my 2 years in Catholic school. I blame it on being at an impressionable age.

      I’m a third generation atheist, but if you surprise me enough “Holy Mary Mother of God” will pop right out of my mouth. More often it’s a trimmer “Holy fuck” but there’s still these holies floating around that I can’t seem to shake.

      I’m open to suggestions of substitutions :)

      1. I’m a third generation atheist, but if you surprise me enough “Holy Mary Mother of God” will pop right out of my mouth.

        That’s still better than yelling, “Most precious blood of the Lamb!”

      2. I take a page from J. Jonah Jameson’s book and trot out a “Great Caesar’s Ghost!” every now and then.

  4. No one has ever said that someone else “swears like a nun”.  Yet it is all too common to hear “swears like a [baker/builder/sailor/marine]”.  

    So, girls, just stick to obscenely short skirts and way too much makeup and let the boys swear, wreck stuff, and generally act like semi-evolved simians.

  5. The whole thing was likely started by the boys as catholic school girls are quite scary. I should know, it took me 11 years to build up the courage to talk to one. (and for the trouble I got a Doc Martin to the face)

  6. Well, the Catholic school kids in my home town all made a fairly quick transition into being teen parents.  I suspect some of them swore when they found out.

  7. Holy shit, that’s *my* high school!  Of course, I graduated 37 years ago, but still…

    The school does have a long history of treating the sexes differently, though.  In fact, it was mostly segregated by gender when I was there.

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