Catholic school forbids girls, but not boys, from cursing


49 Responses to “Catholic school forbids girls, but not boys, from cursing”

  1. Brainspore says:

    That’s crazy. Back in my day, ALL the kids needed to learn cursive.

  2. Navin_Johnson says:

     As usual, no shortage of idiocy from this organization. I think the German Arch-Bishop comparing recent criticism of the church to a “pogrom” a couple days ago pretty much trumps them all though……

  3. Christopher says:

    If I were a girl at this school I wouldn’t hesitate to call the “pledge” fucking stupid. 

  4. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    So that girls can learn early society has different rules.
    If a girl decides to have sex, she is a slutty whore.
    If a boy decided to have sex, he is a manly man.

  5. oldtaku says:

    The guys: ‘Fuck THAT.’

  6. schlocktober says:

    You’ll never find a husband if you curse like a sailor!

  7. Lobster says:

    In other news, Catholic schools now allowing education of girls.

  8. dioptase says:

    Boy souls aren’t worth saving.  Girl souls, well, they fetch a pretty price on the black-market.  But only if undamaged.

  9. Huh. It was my teachers at Catholic school who needed to be asked not to curse.

  10. shutz says:

    It’s a Jersey thing.

  11. SamLL says:

    Fuck sexism.

  12. Daemonworks says:

    It’s because only women have the power to inflict harm through the use of black magic.

  13. No one has ever said that someone else “swears like a nun”.  Yet it is all too common to hear “swears like a [baker/builder/sailor/marine]“.  

    So, girls, just stick to obscenely short skirts and way too much makeup and let the boys swear, wreck stuff, and generally act like semi-evolved simians.

  14. Dlo Burns says:

    The whole thing was likely started by the boys as catholic school girls are quite scary. I should know, it took me 11 years to build up the courage to talk to one. (and for the trouble I got a Doc Martin to the face)

  15. leidentech says:

    Jesus mutha-fucking Christ.  Really? Still?

  16. Petzl says:

    This is why we hear so much about nefarious catholic priests, but nefarious nuns not so much.

  17. rocketpjs says:

    Well, the Catholic school kids in my home town all made a fairly quick transition into being teen parents.  I suspect some of them swore when they found out.

  18. feetleet says:

    You kiss the priest with that mouth?

  19. Mike says:

    The Dead Milkmen’s Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick always worked for me.

  20. bjimba says:

    Holy shit, that’s *my* high school!  Of course, I graduated 37 years ago, but still…

    The school does have a long history of treating the sexes differently, though.  In fact, it was mostly segregated by gender when I was there.

  21. fredges says:

    Well, the boys need to be able to talk dirty to the priests to get them off…. 

  22. Nell Anvoid says:

    Dammit!  Twelve years of Catholic school, and I don’t have anything witty to write here. I feel so inadequate.

  23. Hal says:

    “their improved manners would take hold and rub off … the boys”. /chortle

  24. Shai_Hulud says:

     Well what a complete clustercuss…

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