Complaints about Saturday Night Live

Government Attic posted a collection of complaints lodged with the FCC about Saturday Night Live from 2008-2012. Selections follow.

Problem Description: There is a comedy skit which repeatedly referred to and then depicted anal sex, rape and bestiality involving a man dressed in a hairy, white Yeti costume ... I am offended by the gay acceptance message this skit portrays. The implication is clear, if we got past our fear and tried anal sex, we would like it and then accept it.

Problem Description: Jamie Foxx was talking about his new movie on SNL and explaining how he got to kill all the white people in the movie.

Problem Description: I am shocked at the crap (violence and itiot shows)that is on tv that is why I watch cable educational channels. We are getting stupider by the day allowing this filth on tv. TV is the babysitter of children. I don't want to watch this filth and kids see crap everyday. Television teaches children the wrong messages. Television cannot get any worse, can it? This country is in trouble viewing these shows. Are you listening to complaints?

Problem Description: in this episode of saturday night live nbc aired to the unsuspecting public real images of a woman's vagina not fully covered by her pink leotard+real pornographic images of a woman's nude butt not fully covered by her leather underwear all of which are vulgar, unlawful, pomographic, unconstitutional and goes against all standards of decency within all 50 states that comprise the usa.

Problem Description: In a skit, a cast member said "fucking". I'd also like to complain that Saturday Night Live is not funny.

Problem Description: Lorne Greene ought to be ashamed


        1. Obviously if there were fewer guns in this country there would also be fewer people being forced to watch television programs they think aren’t funny. 

          Please stop this madness!!

  1. People have been complaining about SNL since the first season (and SNL not being funny anymore since the second season). 

  2. Well, Lorne Greene really should be ashamed. I’m pretty sure Miss Kitty was a prostitute, and no one on Bonanza ever complained!

      1. Probably because A. Miss Kitty wasn’t a prostitute, she was a madam and the owner of the Long Branch, AND in a stable long term relationship with US Marshall Matt Dillon, and B. She wasn’t on “Bonanza”, she was on “Gunsmoke”, a completely different show. duh.

  3. I once saw Seth Myers call Hugh Hefner a pedophile (through inference) during one of the “Weekend Update” sketches. Seth must have gotten banned from the mansion or something. My ongoing complaint against SNL is that it’s chronically unfunny. Being loud and snarky is not funny.

  4. “I am offended by the gay acceptance message this skit portrays. . . ”

    But the Yeti-sex acceptance message is A-OK!

      1. The bible clearly states that yeti-sex is evil and wrong!

        It’s right there in black and white, Monstrosities 8:34 “And whosoever shall lay with cryptids shall know neither the love of the LORD, nor the credence of his fellow man, but shall roam the earth forever after shunned by the wise and proponents of expanding earth theory alike!”

        1. You can only see Yetis (or Shamans of the forest) while in trance. I’m assuming the same is true for dating or sexing. NTTAWWT.

    1. You like the pomographic images be unleashed on an unsuspecting American public? Is this pomographic enough for you? Where does your depravity end?

  5. By jove, number 4 has said what I have long suspected: vaginas are unconstitutional.

    I don’t agree that they are pomographic though – they are not in the least bit apple-like…

  6. The word “pomographic” definitely describes most variety shows, commercials, and cartoons since the dawn of the new millennium.

    Not sure that they are “unconstitutional and [go] against all standards of decency within all 50 states that comprise the usa,” but at least we have specificity.

    1. Melanie Hutsell singing Whoomp! (There It Is) was the last time that I watched, so 1993.

  7. I’d also like to complain that Saturday Night Live is not funny. 

    Me too. Wait, no I wouldn’t, because, who cares?

  8. I like the people that feel compelled to tell needless stories about why they ended up watching the show:

    “My husband and I decided to watch SNL last night since the Tampa Bay Rays weren’t playing so well against the Red Sox.”

    Also, lol at all the predictable whining about “reverse racism” for Jamie Foxx’s jokes about Django…

    a skit with Usher, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberwolf,

    haha. Oh boy, this is quite a rabbit hole.

    Also, love all the comments about kids being in the room or it being “kid friendly” when the show airs at a time when their kids should be in bed…

    1. That takes me back to staying up late to covertly watch Saturday Night Live, usually in hopes of seeing a Mr. Bill short…and then falling asleep before the opening sketch was finished.

      1. My mother let me occasionally stay up to watch Mr. Bill (and the rest of the show) as well, which was a real treat for me. Cherished memories.

        I think most of these prudes (and assorted lunatics) are lying to try to make their complaints carry more weight. Like they’re the most easily offended, prudish types, but they also happen to stay up to watch SNL with their kids…. Yep..

      2. My mom rented compilations of the Mr. Bill skits for us to watch.  It was definitely more efficient than me trying to stay up and then being a total grumpus on Sunday.

    2. For the record, the Rays rallied to beat the Red Sox 7-4 with six runs in the bottom of the ninth inning on September 20, 2012. It was apparently Star Trek theme night for the Rays.

      They should have stuck with the Rays game.

  9. Reading through the whole list there are some really funny cases of misplaced indignation.

    My favorite part is trying to determine what skit they are referring to, by their overly specific descriptions of the acts contained within the skit… Here is my favorite description, featuring the best reenactment ever for what is clearly an “Ambiguously Gay Duo” skit.

    Pornographic “Skit” on Saturday Night Live started as a cartoon. In this cartoon there were many words and terms used which describe sexual acts, like “thrusting” etc.In the cartoon after the sexual words were used, the characters in the cartoon get into a “Penis” automobile and start driving. As they are driving the car, the car has an “Ejaculation” out the front center hole of the “Penis” car. The “Penis” car then starts (using one of their words) “thrusting” the “Penis” car into a building, when more sexual words and terms are used.Then the cartoon transitions into a live human skit where the male “porn stars” start trying to rub their genitials against each other. The “actors” also get into positions as if they are going to have anal intercourse.Get the dvd and you will probably see a lot more than I saw because I turned the channel because I was so disgusted and sickened. I would never record or even consider buying a dvd with such wickedness and filth on it even to send you a copy so you could see how terrible it was. 

    1. I wonder how much arousal he got from reliving the skit in such detail. Nobody pays so much attention to something they consider inconsequential. Also, I gotta bet on some youtube replays, you know, just for accuracy purposes…

      1. Darn those un-American liberal commie godless Satan-worshippers and their subversive mainstream trash.  You don’t know how it pains me to sit through hours and hours of that garbage, closely analyzing every disgusting moment, my faith tested as I dutifully catalog every obscene image hidden in the prop ice cubes.  The constant allusions to unnatural fornication coupled with the pain in my thumb as I’m forced to rewind again and again.

        Oh how I’ve suffered…..

        But, back to the salt mines, eh?  Blah blah, take one for the team, etc. etc.  No calls, dear.

  10. Interesting how many people have taken the time here, in this post, to talk about how un-funny they feel SNL is. It makes the FCC complaints a little less surprising. 

    Many people also are apparently in the habit of watching shows they don’t find entertaining.

    1. I was in the habit of watching SNL every now and then to see if it got funny again.  Year after year I did this, hoping that perhaps the writing was bad and would improve, or that the actors would be better.  In the end I realized that SNL would never be as funny as it used to be because I am no longer 14 years old.

    2. I know, right? “I watched 10 hours of this unfunny show and didn’t laugh once! Hummph!”

      SNL, because of it’s rotating cast, goes through cycles of funniness, sometimes it is up, and sometimes down. I’d say that, over it’s entire life, I’d still classify it as, “funny”.

    3. …lolwut?

      SNL has been on the air for 40 years.  Lots of people watch it including former roommates of mine.  I don’t need to be “in the habit of watching” it to have seen a few episodes and realized it’s not even remotely funny.

      Put another way: do you like Jersey Shore?  If yes, hahaha.  If no, well how would you know if you didn’t watch it?  I guess you’re in the habit of watching shows you don’t find entertaining.

  11. It’s always a treat to see a “Best of” SNL clip show in the NBC listings.  I get to picture a 2nd-string production team trying to find a perfect mixture of classic clips and modern crap.  It’s like Dr. Benway cloaking the vile black centipede meat within the precious bug powder.

    “Let’s see, everyone likes Danny calling Jane an ignorant slut, so we’ve gotta have that… Mr. Robinson is gold, too. But we need to remind people that the show is still on the air, so throw in some of Seth’s least painful Update material, and one or two Fey clips to get some shine off of 30 Rock… 

    Piscopo?  Tough one. Maybe one of his Sinatra spots.  That’ll cover the bitter taste of Kristen Wiig for at least one clip.

    And for God’s sake, no Doumanian and no ’85.”

    Alas, the recipe hasn’t been perfected.

  12. I don’t watch the shows complained about but aside from the pearl- clutching about the random swear word (oh, and the comments sent in by people who are obviously mentally ill), I have to say that I’m with the people who wrote in on some of the more egregious examples.  Crudity for crudity’s sake is just a crutch for people who don’t know how to (or can’t be bothered to) write.  Simply sexualizing everything and everyone for shock value is boring and lazy and assumes an audience too stupid to deserve better.  It seems network TV has been outsourcing its creative to a bunch of sniggering sixth graders.

    1. Perhaps their time would have been better spent turning the channel, or turning the TV off, and doing something else. It’s a TV show, and even the “egregious” examples are pretty mild and not really worth it to spend time writing complaints that no one will take seriously. There is plenty of entertainment to be had elsewhere.

  13. Unfunny comedy show manages to stay on the air for 37 years, in an industry where poorly performing shows get dropped in about three weeks. 

    Clearly SNL has some kind of leverage on NBC to keep from being cancelled.

  14. SNL fan here… SNL is like bargain shopping, if you go to just one store you will be disappointed, but perhaps if you go to multiple stores frequently enough you will find great gems.

    Back to the other topic… May I recommend the documentary This Film Not Yet Rated. While these kinds of complaints are funny, it is also wickedly maddening how much control and power is held by the moral police in this country. It’s really not funny once you see below the surface.

    1. So… shopping… television show… moral police… I’m a little foggy on the prescription, but I think you want me to watch a variety of shows about moral cops rating movies at a bargain store that isn’t funny once you get to know the staff.  CBS, here we come!

  15. SNL is a gem.  A full hour and a half of new sketch material practiced with an actor/famous thing each week and then produced live.  That is the kind of reality TV that is still great.  Plus, much of the talents that are found by SNL get to continue on after their time honing their skills on SNL to work on other comedies.  I think that the complaint should not be “it is not funny”, instead, the complaint should be, “I don’t find this funny.”  Go watch something else, listen to a podcast, read the funny pages, stop condemning comedy that isn’t in your wheelhouse.

        1. SNL’s biggest problem is taking funny 90 second sketches and stretching them to five minutes.  That and constantly looking into the camera as if to say, “Look at us!  We’re COMEDIANS!!!”

    1. The complaints about SNL being just *completely* unfunny are so predictable and tiresome. Always the same cliched complaints about SNL and The Simpsons only being funny pre: [insert year] or even more ridiculous: saying that SNL was *never* funny. SNL may not be very great, and may be nowhere near “alternative”, or more cutting edge comedy, but it’s far from bad.

      Taste is certainly subjective, but when people write off SNL *completely* my bullshit detector begins beeping, and I start to hear King Missile’s “Sensitive Artist” play in the background…

      I can just imagine the same people complaining going back to their Monty Python, Bill Hicks (groan), and Family Guy dvds and just laaaafffing hysterically……………….

  16. I’ve been perusing the PDF, and this one definitely needs some attention:

    “Sarah Palin is  amazing!  Got to be on stage behind her when she was in Iowa.  Smart and would be so great for our country.”

    I don’t think humans are fit to govern themselves.

  17. “The implication is clear, If we get past our fear and tried anal sex, we would like it and then accept it [in others].” 

    Crazy #1 may have unintentionally struck deprogramming gold. We need a PSA.

  18. So I notice that in the first complaint you’ve quoted you’ve omitted the bit that says:

    “By the end of the skit, the victim of the sexual attack has a change of heart and is depicted as being converted into accepting the rapist’s love. I don’t think women’s rights groups would accept this type of depiction involving a woman today”

    By leaving that out you make the quote snappier, funnier and crazier – but selective quoting doesn’t score particularly well for honesty.

    1.  Yeah, this is the sort of topic that screams out for accurate reporting.  Because it’s important news and not trivial humor.

  19. “As an adult at 58 years of age, I occasionally appreciate a measure of pornographic entertainment and am willing to pay for it when circumstances and I warrant. I do not  expect it to be thrown in my face while watching network television.”

    Only 58? Awww, he’ll need a fake ID to rent ultraporn. 

    1. I occasionally appreciate a donut, and am willing to pay for it when circumstances warrant.  I do not expect free donuts to be forced upon me in the company lounge.

      I think it’s a free market argument or something about pornographers pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps or garters or whatever.

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