Dumb tech CEO quotes

"There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance" — Steve Ballmer's 2007 spectacular earns him only ninth spot on Alex Bracetti's collection of the 25 craziest things that tech industry chiefs have told reporters. [Complex via Daring Fireball]


    1. Yeah, they were dumb.  Because you’d hope that people in charge of developing wicked awesome new tech would know better.   Reminds me of 1950’s sci-fi stories in which interstellar warp-drive spaceships were run by engineers using slide rules to calculate their course.

  1. 26. “Hey, guys, let’s take this simple list and make it into a slideshow with pictures that take forever to load, because that’s what the public wants, right?”

    1. “take forever to load”? They loaded immediately for me. You must have a really subpar connection.

  2. Corporate heads make millions, but have to go on record saying the most absurd things because they fit the company’s strategy. Just look at how LaPierre makes a fool of himself every time he has to defend NRA.

  3. The quotes that required predicting the future are unfair. No one can predict the future, and unlike us politically/fiscally unimportant people, CEOs don’t have the option of keeping their mouths shut — they are expected to weigh in on the technical and business issues which impact their companies.

    The quotes that are petty malice and arrogance, though, there is no excusing.

  4. I hate to back up Bill Gates, but I think it’s pretty likely he never said that. The 640kb limit isn’t due to a decision he made, but due to where IBM decided to put the memory used by hardware drivers.

    A couple of the other quotes aren’t dumb at all. The Asus guy predicting that US-based PC makers will fail within 20 years? Who’s left? Dell and HP? How’s that goin’ for Dell?

  5. SUMMARY – shittastic slideshow containing approximately:
    – 12 quotes about Apple by CEOs talking smack
    – 5 by Google’s Schmidt disregarding user privacy
    – a couple by Zuckerburg
    – a few decent ones like Gates claiming in 2004 that spam would be dead within a couple of years and Bob Metcalf (co-inventor of ethernet) promising in the mid-90s to eat his words if the internet weren’t dead in a year (he later blended the speech into a drink and consumed it on stage).

  6. It’s somewhat unfair to quote balmer.  his job is to compete with apple.   when is pepsico ever going to say something approving of coca cola?

    1. Whenever needing material to round out a list of stupid CEO quotes, Balmer is the goto. He just says so many dumb things in such an overblown manner.

      But I agree with the underlying idea of your statement.

    2. The point is that Ballmer — or his alter-ego in Bizarro World — should know enough to STFU and stick to actual competing. Like, say, understanding why your products suck and how that might be fixed. 

    3.  Actually, it is SOOO fair to quote Ballmer because the man is a raving loon. Check him out on YouTube. He’d be funnier if he wasn’t actually so damn scary.

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