Grateful Dead Kennedys t-shirt

I kind of want one. $20 (Via The World's Best Ever)


    1.  I think this works better because both bands are from San Francisco. It presents a nice juxtaposition of the two local cultural fringes.

  1. I want that retroactively.  The sixteen year old me was into all that.  Now…it just screams “I am OLD” just like the white in my beard.

    1. The sixteen-year-old me just gave the sixteen-year-old you a high five. And then passed you a freshly-loaded bong.

  2. I have a patch on my ‘too many pockets’ vest that I now realise is a Grateful Dead logo 
    Darn it. I really did like that patch. Red & Black – Skull & yingyang.
    As a lifelong fan of the DKs – this is all a little disturbing for me.

    1. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but I cannot afford to continue to take losses on shipping.

      When you sell a 43-year-old t-shirt for five grand?  You’re not taking any losses on shipping.

  3. There used to be a french band with the same name, they called their music “bug-core”, i.e  noisier breakcore, pushing music software till it bugged in order to create chaos. They were pretty “good”.

  4. I’d be more likely to spend $20 on an AC/DC Comics shirt.  If, you know, I found such a thing.

  5. It’s a great shirt, but not a new idea. I definitely saw something like this (skull with DK logo) on the New Year’s run in Oakland, 1982. I didn’t buy one, but I saw a few people at the shows who did.

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